This Posture-Improving Sports Bra Will Reverse Your Office-Made Back Slump


Posture is a tricky thing to get a handle on, but now there is a sports bra that can help you battle back your urge to slump. IFGfit's posture improving sports bras (offered in S to XXL) are part of the first activewear collection that improves posture directly through wear. The bra is engineered to instantly restore posture, relieve neck tension, and improve mobility and breathing.

The bra is made to use during workouts and to wear underneath your everyday clothes, helping you straighten up. This piece can help you correct your back after sitting eight hours slumped in front of a computer, help you accelerate your recovery time after a workout, or help folks with back issues and back pain.

The collection was developed by a 20-year veteran orthopedic sports medicine surgeon, Stephen Liu, MD. The fabric used in the clothes helps to gently place the body back into alignment, which will help to reduce tension from the head and neck.

This alignment is achieved without using any annoying compression materials. People who have worn Spanx or compression sports bras know that those items don't exactly inspire everyday wear because they begin to hurt after awhile.

Liu claims that over time and regular wear, these sports bras can decrease pain, improve your breathing, and improve shoulder and rib cage mobility thanks to the clothing's horizontal tension.

People who already test drove the collection reported that they felt taller, more comfortable, and were able to breathe deeper.

“The unique engineered inner and outer fabric construction allows the body to feel strong and poised during training and physical activity, and subsequently provides the essential recovery effects that the body needs,” Liu says in a press release. “It’s apparel with benefits; take care of yourself first.”

The bra skips the obvious compression route, because Liu knew that it wasn't comfortable to wear long term. Most recovery or performance-based apparel uses compression fabrics, but the tight feeling inhibits natural movements and is not without its own health risks.

That's why Liu created a new FDA-registered patented fabric technology dubbed Posture, Performance and Recovery . The new PPR line for women includes postural bras, tee shirts, shorts, and leggings. Check out the collection below.

Lisa Bra

The Lisa Bra is the flagship, signature bra of the brand. The interior has a soft, inner lining and the bra is wire free. It has a wide and supportive underbust band and a four-way stretch fabric that moves with you. The bra gives you full coverage.

Christine Bra

For those who like their sports bras to be fashion conscious, the Christine Bra is for you. It has a plunging neckline with a mesh overlay, along with a crop top-like silhouette.

Women's Icon V-Neck Shirt

It seems like just a regular t-shirt, but this tee will help you balance out any shoulder slumps. "Our signature Icon shirt features Powered by PPR tech boosting your physical recovery, rejuvenating your mental energy, and restoring your posture," the product description reads.

If you have been battling poor posture, this bra just might be the help you have been waiting for.