IKEA Just Debuted A Self-Care Focused Collection & You’re Going To Want EVERYTHING

If you love stylish furniture that's actually affordable, you're probably already a fan of IKEA — it's the perfect place to get trendy stuff that won't fall apart in a few days. I furnished my last apartment almost entirely at Target and IKEA, which is why I'm obsessing over IKEA's new HJÄRTELIG collection, which is focused on wellness and self-care. Not only is it seriously serving up aesthetic goals, but it also is designed to make it easier to treat yourself well. From a press release about the release: "The new HJÄRTELIG limited edition collection from IKEA invites us to press the 'pause' button, if only for a little while, on a daily life that’s often hectic, complicated and online." As someone who is extremely online and always busy, I'm already loving the concept.

IKEA says the collection was made "with special attention to the use of beautiful, natural materials that appeal to the senses." It's a mix of bohemian, modern and minimalist, but it majorly works. And it may even inspire you to take better care of yourself. Thanks to the collection's yoga mats, candles and plant pots, it's basically a self-care dream. "These home furnishing products have a light and peaceful feeling, yet are useful and durable for everyday life at home," the release says. The items in the collection range from $4 to $529, according to Well+Good, and they're made from sustainable materials like cork, linen, rattan, and seagrass (hence the hecka earthy vibes we get from these pictures).

Interestingly, the company actually did research into why people have such a hard time relaxing. According to IKEA, the three barriers to relaxation are taking work home, phone overuse, and being afraid to take a break for fear of missing out. Even though IKEA mentions mental and emotional well-being in its press release, it's important to note that you likely won't experience any radical personality changes based on furniture. Wellness requires a holistic approach, so it's about more than your furniture, but how you decorate the space around you can actually affect your mood.

Freshome reports that the color of a room can change how you feel — dark and light colors have different connotations. It's not a definitive answer to your wellness woes, but having a natural, smartly designed space definitely won't hurt and can make you feel a bit less overwhelmed. "The calming appearance, the reassuring textures and even the natural scent — all these make the HJÄRTELIG collection an everyday pleasure to use," per the release.

There is a point of irony here: Anyone who's ever visited IKEA on a busy weekend can speak to how it affects their stress levels. The long lines, the confusing shortcuts to get around the store, the warehouse where you pick up your furniture — it can be a lot to handle. A friend once mentioned that they went to IKEA for fun and I was bewildered. I only visit the store when I need to buy something, and I get out as quickly as I can. Though the collection is only available in-store, I feel like peeking into one of the demo rooms set up with HJÄRTELIG would feel like stepping into an oasis in an otherwise very stimulating desert.

If you want to peep the collection yourself — or add things to your cart to make yourself feel better about not having the money to actually redecorate, which is me right now — you can do so here, though the collection is only available in stores. I'm on a neutrals kick, which makes this even more appealing. The self-care and wellness aspects are just a welcome bonus.