You Can Buy A Self-Assembly Chocolate Bunny At IKEA & Just Eat It When You Give Up


Congratulations, you purchased a very cute bed from IKEA. I'm sorry, but now you have to assemble it. I have crumbled under the pressures of putting together a full size bed, muttering not-so-nice words under my breath. Re-reading the instruction packet for trick questions and ultimately swearing I'd never do this alone again. But now there is something you can assemble: IKEA has a self-assembly chocolate bunny for sale, and we can all at least put this together. This chocolate bunny is here to assemble, eat, and raise our IKEA assembly confidence without the meltdown.

Despite my challenge with putting IKEA furniture together, my apartment is outfitted with all of the Swedish retailer's products. I love IKEA, and I love it even more now that we can all assemble chocolate bunnies. The VÅRKÄNSLA is a milk chocolate bunny that is packaged in three separate pieces and is UTZ certified — which, according to the official product page, means, "ensures sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers." The three-piece bunny assembly set has a minimum of 30 percent cocoa and retails for $4.29 in the U.S. And it does not come with a pamphlet of instructions or tools, which makes this candy even more scrumptious.

The self-assembly chocolate bunny comes to IKEA retailers in celebration of Easter. The store, known for its Swedish meatballs, is now worth ~hopping~ over to for another edible product.

The product description for Ikea's VÅRKÄNSLA reads, "Go ahead, play with your food! That’s what this certified sustainable chocolate bunny is for. It’s easily assembled, only three parts. And when you're finished playing, we bet you’ll enjoy eating it, too." It then goes on to challenge the candy and IKEA-assembling lover by questioning how fast one can put the bunny together. This is something I'm confident I can take on. Three pieces? Psh. The real question is how fast one can eat the assembled bunny.

The chocolate bunny isn't the only candy coming out of IKEA — which apparently could be a bona fide candy store if there was no furniture in it. VÅRKÄNSLA is one — or three — part of an entire Swedish Easter collection. Other candies in this collection include LÖRDAGSGODIS, which is described as a sour but then sweet jelly candy. Flavors include bright springtime favorites like rhubarb, lime, and lemon. MUNSBIT are organic fruit snacks that come in apple and strawberry flavors. Other treats from the collection include nut mixes, marzipan, and a special IKEA Swedish Easter drink. None of which, thankfully, require any assembly.

If you're mazing through IKEA, make sure to treat yourself to a self-assembly chocolate bunny. It's the perfect treat for in between figuring out what part of the bed is the front and which is the back and what connects them all and if you have all the right pieces. (You do.) (Especially if you have the chocolate parts.) Whether for Easter or just to ~treat yourself~, the VÅRKÄNSLA bunny will treat you to not only chocolate, but also restored IKEA confidence.