I’m A Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant And Here’s What I Want You To Know

Courtesy of Jenna Larson

Some people dream of owning a zippy red convertible. Some people dream of cruising around in a glossy black SUV. And some people dream of piloting a signature pink Cadillac. In partnership with Mary Kay, writer Lauryn Paiva spoke with Independent Beauty Consultant Jenna Larson about her story of going from student to independent business owner.

I’ve been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant since the day I was born. At least, that’s the running joke in my family, given that I was brought home from the hospital in a Mary Kay pink Cadillac. In reality, I started my Mary Kay independent business at age 19, right before my sophomore year at Ohio University. My mom was also a successful Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, so I was raised pink.

The idea of making my own work schedule was super appealing, especially since I was so busy with classes, clubs, volunteering, and socializing at the time. For the next three years, I structured my business around my other responsibilities and still earned enough to reach my personal goals*, including paying for spring break trips, concerts, and more. And after graduation? I stuck with it.

Watching friends lose their full-time jobs and stable sources of income was enough to convince me that I was the best person to build my future, not someone else. This mindset has paid off — the income from my Mary Kay business has helped me pay off my student loans and purchase my own home. I believe every woman should have financial independence. Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it does buy you options. I feel free knowing my business has given me the freedom to make my own decisions.

One of the best parts of my business is that no day can be described as typical — every day is different. And I’m always meeting new people, whether it’s new customers or other Independent Beauty Consultants. A big part of the job is going to my clients’ homes and training them on skin-care routines and makeup application.

When I’m not holding appointments, I’m doing a lot of logistical work that exists for almost any other job. But I do it as my own boss. I could be packaging orders for clients, sharing information about the Mary Kay Career business opportunity with customers who’ve expressed an interest in becoming a Beauty Consultant, preparing for and executing sales meetings, or training new Beauty Consultants on how to build their business. The to-do list goes on and on.

In an increasingly tuned-in world, I’m always on call — sometimes from a beach chair while on vacation (true story). We have a really cool app that lets me look up past customer orders and have new products shipped to them. A lot of the customers I’ve met in real life follow my Instagram account and have a lot of questions about the makeup I’m wearing that day or new Mary Kay products that are launching. Being transparent about the products often leads to other people loving it, too.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is how to be the best boss for myself. I show myself the same respect I would give a boss at any other job, and I hold myself accountable to my work ethic. The Mary Kay business opportunity has made so many incredible things possible for me — from having earned the use of my pink Cadillac to having my face featured on a billboard in Times Square. All my friends call me famous when they introduce me to new people, which makes me laugh. I’m just a girl from Ohio who decided to take a chance on herself.

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*As with any business opportunity, financial results will vary depending on various factors including the individual’s personal goals, sales efforts, talent, and the time and effort one chooses to invest in the business. Mary Kay does not guarantee income.

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