I'm Obsessed With These 61 Bargain Finds On Amazon That All Make Great Gifts

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If you're on a tight budget, it might be a good idea to skip the lavish gifts in favor of more affordable options this year. Speaking from personal experience, "expensive" does not always equate to "best." Sometimes the most useful gifts can also be very affordable — especially when you're shopping on Amazon.

The trick to finding a great gift at a bargain price is to look for products that make your life easier. Think about how many times you’ve gotten up late at night to use the bathroom, only to stumble around in the dark. If you had a motion-activated toilet night light, this wouldn’t be a problem. Or, if you're tired of your hands smelling like fish and garlic while you cook, there's even an odor-absorbing stainless steel bar of reusable "soap" I've included — and it's only $12.

Not only can you find those items in here, but there's also a pack of gorgeous Himalayan salt candleholders, a handy grilling wok, and even a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Sure, an expensive gift may look flashier, but how much use are you really going to get out of it? When it comes to discovering affordable, useful gifts, there's almost zero reason to look anywhere other than Amazon.

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