In The Bustle Booth With Caila Quinn

Abbey Adkison/Bustle

When celebrities come into Bustle HQ in New York, whether it's for a photoshoot, videoshoot, or a Facebook Live, we want to give them the chance to leave their mark. Literally. So we hand them a pen, a piece of paper, a few questions, and ask them to get creative. The rest is up to them. This time, Bachelor In Paradise and Bachelor star Caila Quinn is leaving her mark in the Bustle Booth.

After meeting her, it's not hard to see why Bachelor Ben Higgins fell so hard for Caila Quinn. In addition to being genuinely sweet, she also gives off a positive energy that makes it impossible to be in a bad mood around her. On the day she came to Bustle HQ to do a Facebook Live video and stop by Bustle's Bachelor podcast, it was miserable and rainy outside, but Quinn's attitude lit up the office.

Although Quinn was unsuccessful at finding reality TV love during The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, she's used her time in the spotlight to transition into a new career: Blogging. The hair icon (it's even more impressive in person) recently started her own website called WithLoveCaila, where she chronicles her exciting life in New York City. Quinn gave a sneak peek of the uplifting optimism her blog contains when she stepped into the Bustle Booth to reveal what pumps her up, offer some love advice, and more.

Brit Phillips/Bustle