Meghan Markle Requested Wedding Dress Ideas From This Designer & You Can See The Sketches

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You've seen the ring, you've got the date, and now comes the wedding dress. While Meghan Markle's wedding dress will probably be kept a secret until the big day, that won't stop the speculations from rolling in. According to TMZ and People, designer Inbal Dror was asked to send wedding dress sketches to Meghan Markle by the Royal Family. The fact that the Israeli designer is releasing the sketches means that these probably aren't the final design, but it's a good indication of what Markle is looking for in a gown.

Things apparently move extremely fast in the world of royals. First came Prince Harry and Markle's engagement announcement and a showing of the ring. Less than a week later, the wedding date was announced. That's likely all the public will know until the big day — May 19, 2018. Even before the date was announced, different designers from around the world were speculating what might be worn, but none came as close to the royal fashion conversation as Inbal Dror.

According to Elle, the Israeli designer leaked three sketches to TMZ that were requested by the Royal Family — and they're completely unexpected.

The Inbal Dror designs feature body-hugging silhouettes and a lot of lace. While the latter is something that almost every royal wedding gown has included, it would be shocking to see such a snug dress walk down the aisle. Princess Diana and Kate Middleton both wore A-line dressed that didn't show much skin.

Markle has had quite a different approach to royalty thus far. She's opted for body hugging skirts and trendy items in the public eye. Markle also opted for a classic handbag, rather than a clutch, which broke royal policy on her second public appearance after her engagement. It would be no surprise if she went for something unconventional to walk down the aisle.

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There's a good chance that Inbal Dror is not going to be the designer of the gown. Not only did she already share the sketch that she sent to the Royal Family, but she is not based in the UK — and it's customary for royal brides to choose British designers.

Just as a reminder, Kate Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen gown created by English designer Sarah Burton. She also had a second, simpler dress made by the same designer to wear after the big event. Welsh fashion designer David Emanuel created Princess Diana's wedding gown in 1981. It had a 25 foot train, as opposed to Middleton's nine foot train. Markle's will likely be shorter than the previous two.

Seeing as Markle has been a fashionista for some time now, it will be exciting to see what she chooses for the wedding. Every single royal wedding gown before Markle's has had sleeves on it, so it would be surprising if she didn't. That's the one detail that you can expect.

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The Royal Family also asked other designers to send over sketches, and no final design has been confirmed by the palace.

Whether Markel opts to go for something traditional or choses to spice things up with an unconventional design, one thing is for sure — she is sure to look absolutely stunning. All eyes will be on her for the big day, which will likely be the first time the public finds out exactly what dress she has chosen.