Beer Infused Skin Care Is A Thing & No, It Isn't A Gimmick

St. Patrick's Day is filled with green beer, shamrock-shaped sunglasses, and now a beer-infused beauty routine. Intoxicating Beauty created beer-infused skin care to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in every way possible. Not only will you get to chug your Guinness during the March holiday, but you can also use its skin-boosting properties to make your complexion glow. No, this isn't a gimmick.

The beauty products in question are filled with hops, and the collection uses beer's antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that protect and heal your skin, according to the brand's press release. Intoxicating Beauty is a spirit-infused beauty line that has taken people's favorite drinks and created skin care regimens out of them. It uses the power of wine, spirits, sake, and craft brew to boost and heal even the most sensitive complexions. If that's not exciting enough, all of Intoxicating Beauty's formulations are clean, non-toxic, and cruelty-free, making its products the perfect addition to any bathroom cabinet.

"We are a full-service beauty bar without the hangover," the brand writes in a blog post.

Intoxicating Beauty acknowledges that people tend to avoid products with alcohol like ethanol and Benzyl Alcohol because it dries out the skin, but the brand supports a different kind of booze.

"The alcohol we support is the kind you are far more familiar with: sake, vodka, beer, wine, and champagne. All of which are packed with skin-loving benefits that plump, moisturize, and help clarify your skin instead of drying it out. It’s like happy hour for the skin," Intoxicating Beauty explains in its post.

The beer-infused beauty line is called the Sweet Hops collection, and it is infused with three particular extracts. Beer extract is used to keep skin smooth, and it evens out discoloration and increases hydration. Using beer on one's face isn't a new invention either; it has been used for its skin care benefits since ancient times.

Barley extract is used because it is full of protective antioxidants, and it helps to defend your skin from environmental free-radicals that can wear down your skin.

Lastly, hops extracts are used because they are a natural antiseptic. Hops also tone the skin by providing the complexion with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities.

When asked of the inspiration behind the collection, founder Teresa Norvell tells Bustle, "I love craft beer and have a certification in it. I wanted to make skin care more fun and effective, including sensitive skin, and beer does just that!"

As of right now, the Sweet Hops collection is comprised of two products: Craft Body Brew Body Butter and Radiance on Tap Sugar Polish.

The Craft Body Brew Body Butter is a deeply hydrating hop-infused formula, and is infused with the brand's signature Citrus IPA natural fragrance. The butter uses the power of beer and a blend of botanical oils to soften, tone, and protect skin from damaging free radicals that you encounter in your environment. It comes in an 8 ounce jar.

The Radiance on Tap Sugar Polish is meant to indulge and soften your skin, and is infused with the brand's Lime Vodka Tonic natural fragrance. The illuminating formula taps into the power of beer, hops, crushed walnuts, ultra-fine sugar crystals, and botanical oils to buff away any dead skin cells to reveal your most radiant complexion. The polish also comes in an eight ounce jar, just like its butter counterpart.

Beer is no longer just reserved for happy hour — it has a spot in your beauty collection, too.