These 22 iPhone 9 Memes & Jokes Pay Homage To The Forgotten Generation

by Joseph D. Lyons

The Internet has been experiencing Apple fever even before Tim Cook took the stage to officially announce the new iPhones. Reports over the weekend made it sound like iPhone 8 and iPhone X would be the next two models, arguably skipping not just the iPhone 7S but also the iPhone 9 (consider that the X is supposed to be pronounced "10"). Once it was official, watch out. The internet lost it, and memes and jokes paid homage to the iPhone 9, the forgotten generation of the iconic Apple smartphone.

There may be an explanation why, and it has to do with marking an anniversary. The original iPhone came out 10 years ago this year, and Apple may have wanted to mark the occasion with an aptly-named mobile device. That could be the explanation for calling it the "10" even though it's written with the letter.

The Verge pointed out there's another number of reasons to shake up the iPhone naming with the 8 and X options: the competition. Samsung was already selling its Galaxy S8 and Note 8 this year. Coming out with a 7S would have made the iPhone sound like it's a generation behind the other top-selling smartphone.

But whatever the reason may be, the public lamented the skipped generation, the 9. Even a U.S. senator got in on the joke. So mourn the iPhone 9 if you want, but make sure you laugh while you do so.

1) An Official Joker

Sen. Chuck Schumer didn't mess around with any new, fancy iPhone 8 or X. He'll stick with his flip phone.

2) What Will Apple Get Rid Of Next?

Maybe the 9 is just a lesson in minimalism.

3) The Phone Must Have Hurt Feelings

Who wouldn't take issue with being skipped over?

4) The Revenge Of The Emojis

The new Apple emojis — sorry, animojis — are going to stand up for their fallen handset brother.

5) Life's Just Not Fair

Especially if you're iPhone 9.

6) That Junior High Joke Made Comeback

It is possibly the best "seven ate nine" joke ever.

7) The Graveyard Marker

It could have gotten a few Apple-inspired engravings, but the sentiment is clear.

8) For Those With Inferiority Complexes

You're so connecting with the iPhone 9 right now.

9) Maybe The 9 Is About Data Security

The phone is going Home Alone in encryption so the bad guys can't sneak in while you're away.

10) Pray For An Apple Device

As long as the sarcasm is clear.

11) Nobody Wants To Be That Guy

Or, I guess, iPhone.

12) Cue All The Famous Middle Children

Every old TV show could literally be an inspiration for a meme right now.

13) It Could Be The Design

Maybe Apple just wasn't digging the sneaker phone.

14) Windows Did It, Too

Good point regarding Windows 9. Maybe this is typical tech behavior.

15) It Just Can't

Literally can't.

16) Some Promise To Wait

They might have to wait a really, really long time.

17) The iPhone 9 Vs. The Chevy Nova

Another universally panned name. The Chevy Nova or "no va," which means "doesn't go" in Spanish. By comparison the iPhone 9 would be pretty good.

18) Customers Don't Know What To Think

Buy the 8? Buy the X? Or wait for whatever comes next? As a continual "S" consumer, all is now so unclear.

19) Shed Those Tears

Let the feelings out.

20) The Saddest Little Phone That Could Be

TFW even a baloon doesn't cheer you up.

21) The iPhone 9 Is Jan Brady

That X is basically "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

22) The 9s Are Just Never Going To Happen

Change may be difficult, but think back to earlier, simpler times. There was no iPhone 2 either. It jumped straight to the 3G (when 3G data service was still a big step forward). If it makes you feel better, imagine that the 2 and 9 are in iPhone heaven together, basking in the comfort of predictability and order.

I know this can be hard, but try and laugh it off and decide which new model you really want.