Alden Ehrenreich Had A Funny ‘Star Wars’-Themed Response When Asked About Dating

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The original Han Solo has long-been of the market (Harrison Ford married Calista Flockhart in 2010), but what about this new guy? Is Alden Ehrenreich dating anyone? The 28-year-old Solo star has generally preferred to keep conversations focused on his career in the past, but he did let one "detail" about his love life slip at the end of a recent interview.

Ehrenreich spoke to the Independent on May 22, and primarily discussed his ascent into the Star Wars universe. Even though he's been working in Hollywood for more than a decade — side note: Ehrenreich was discovered by Steven Spielberg via a bat mitzvah video at the age of 14, which is wild — none of his previous roles have quite propelled him into worldwide notoriety.

Until now, of course. When the Independent asked Ehrenreich how he felt about losing his anonymity, now that he'll soon-be achieving near-iconic status as the young Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars story, the actor did not seem thrilled.

“It’s totally unappealing to me in and of itself," he said. "I’m not at all looking forward to that in any kind of way if that happens. But you do this and you sign up for it. It’s another one of these things you learn to live with.”

If the Independent article is any indication, it appears as if Ehrenreich might already be learning how to live with his celebrity status. When asked if there was currently a special someone in his life, Ehrenreich actually opened up. Kind of. "It’s a good question,” he said. "Probably Chewbacca!" Ugh. You're killing me, smalls, but that's better than "no comment." At least he's got a good sense of humor about it.

In most interviews with the actor over the last few years, Ehrenreich comes off as comfortable, confident, and smart. He doesn't really talk about his friends, his family, or his love life, and when he does, the details are few and far between. Based on what he has said, though, the Solo star definitely comes off as a bit of a romantic.

In 2013, Ehrenreich spoke to Elle about filming Beautiful Creatures, and was asked if he believed in "destined romances" like his character, Ethan Wate, did in the book-based drama.

"I feel about romance the same way I do about a vocation; it's a calling," he said. "You have an inner intuition, an inner 'yes.' I don't know if it's destined or not, but certainly I couldn't imagine being the person I am today without the romantic experiences I've had."

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In another interview from that same year, Ehrenreich was asked to reveal the most romantic thing he'd ever done. According to the actor, he took his first girlfriend to a billboard on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, where they climbed up to the top and kissed. OK, that's pretty cute.

Other than that, his love life is kind of a mystery. He isn't on social media, so fans can't collect any clues there. And he was rumored to be dating fellow actor Kelsey McName in 2015, but neither of them ever confirmed that.

Regardless, Ehrenreich is about to become way more famous — and fame comes with fans, and fans come with questions, and those questions are probably going to start getting more and more personal. He's certainly going to have to work a little bit harder to keep his private life private after Solo comes out, but at least he can always turn to Chewbacca.