Aziz Ansari's Real Cousin Is In 'Master of None'


Master of None Season 1 gave Aziz Ansari fans a treat when the comedian cast his own parents to play his character Dev's parents on the show. Season 2 introduces more of the family. Yes, that is Aziz Ansari's real cousin on Master of None, and if you're a fan of Ansari's comedy, you know that it was only a matter of time before Harris Gani joined the series. There are mild SPOILERS for Master of None Season 2 ahead.

Harris has been a regular character in Ansari's standup for years. You might already know that Cousin Harris loves Cinnabon and the TNT drama Burn Notice, started his college essay with a bizarre thumb metaphor, and is very easy to rile up on Facebook.

In Episode 3 of Season 2, Gani plays Dev's cousins Navid. The episode is about religion and the two cousins compare their current level of religious practice in relation to their parents' level. We don't learn too much about Navid as a character, and their dynamic doesn't seem to mirror real life too much, but it is cool to see the two of them together after so much talk about him in all of Ansari's standup shows.

Master of None isn't a typical comedy. It frequently changes format, takes inspiration from '70s cinema, and takes time to slow down an explore an issue. Seeing Ansari's cousin after hearing so much about him is fun for fans of his comedy, but it's also another example of how intimate and personal this show can be.