Basit & Kylie's 'Are You The One' Romance Might Not Last


Basit is one of the biggest personalities Are You The One fans have seen thus far, and they're ready to find love on the reality competition show. Basit, whose pansexual, gender non-conforming identity fits in perfectly with this season's sexually fluid cast, immediately hit it off with Kylie, and later was paired with Jonathan at the matching ceremony. But despite those sparks, it's unclear who Basit is dating after Are You The One wraps up for good. Even though the cast is probably bound by about a zillion vows of secrecy to avoid giving spoilers to fans, we can still peek at Basit's social media and see if there are any clues as to who they're hanging with or what they're up to.

First things first: there is unfortunately no obvious romantic partner anywhere on Basit's Instagram page — in fact, other than a group shot of the entire cast, there isn't anyone from the show featured at all in recent posts. Basit's feed is mostly filled with gorgeous selfies and stylish party looks, but in most of them, they're flying solo.

Though Basit and Kylie felt like there might be a real connection between the two of them early in the show, it's hard to trust first impressions much in a format like this. For the uninitiated: Are You The One puts a group of singles in a house together, all of whom have a predetermined "perfect match" somewhere else in the cast. If everyone figures out who their match is by the end of the season, the cast splits a $1 million prize. So, Basit and Kylie sticking with each other without exploring other options was definitely a risky gamble they were unlikely to take, and especially given Kari and Kylie's pairing at the matching ceremony, anything could happen.

In the clip above from last week's episode, fans saw Kylie assuring Basit that she wasn't judgmental toward his identity, and the two of them showed pretty open and honest communication skills. That bodes well for a future, especially given the struggle Basit said he often has with potential partners who identify as women. "Being pansexual, I've stayed very guarded because when a girl or a female identifying person finds out that you're attracted to other men, they immediately are like, 'Hmmm, that sounds like you're just gay,' which is a tired idea," Basit told the camera.

Fans are totally into Basit and Kylie after watching the premiere:

Others aren't so sure, and felt like their connection gave off more of a "friends" vibe.

And there might be other reason to doubt the two of them, especially after watching the trailer for the rest of the season. It shows both Basit and Kylie spending time with other prospects — in particular, Basit and Jonathan are the ones to watch if Basit's relationship with Kylie falls off for good. We didn't see Basit have as much time with Jonathan as they did with Kylie, but it's still early, and anything can happen.

No matter who Basit ends up with in the end — if they are still in a relationship at all — they'll have to make that decision based on their head and their heart. It's the reason Are You The One can be so engrossing to watch: who you feel might be perfect for you isn't always the one you'd notice first.