Blake Lively Is Unrecognizable With Her New Short Black Hair

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Actor Blake Lively is known for her signature cascade of golden blonde locks from her days as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl . However, Blake Lively with short, black hair is a sight to behold because the coif is unlike anything she has ever done with her strands. Lively is basically serving up the ultimate punk rock 'do.

Images of Lively with a choppy, inky black pixie with bangs have been circulating online since PEOPLE reported Lively was sporting the dramatic 'do on the set of the film The Rhythm Section, which is shooting in Dublin, Ireland.

The actor, who once admitted she views her hair like a protective shield and barely wears it up, rarely diverts from her flowing, buttery waves. While she has gone "bronde" in the past, she does have a hair hallmark that works for her. That's why the shots of her with the cropped coif are so jarring.

That said, fans and the internet are here for the hair change, though it's very likely a wig. Lively even posted a still from the film on her personal socials, showing off her shorn strands while facing the camera directly.

Lively is certainly rendered unrecognizable with this haircut. It's her — and her character's — take on the messy bedhead trend. You might not even know it was Lively if PEOPLE didn't verify it.

This tweet was all about it.

This user called attention to the fact that Lively was rocking the dark locks with an all-black outfit, and his interpretation of the presentation was "gloomy."

Lively's on-set hair was a source of inspo for this user.

The Twitterverse generally seemed to like Lively's new look, noting that she is pretty much stunning no matter what's going on with her follicles.

This is the front-facing still, which shows off the cut from another vantage point. You can appreciate how blunt it is.

While some users didn't like the Lively's usage of the term "spirit animal" in her tweet debuting the look due to the cultural connotations, many were generally feeling the as much as she is.

It's easy to like this hair, even though it's likely temporary and the work of a wig.

The Twitterverse is bestowing plenty of compliments.

It appears that this user is comparing Lively's pixie to Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner's infamous koif. It's not an "out there" comparison. The 'dos are similar.

The overwhelmingly positive reaction to the on-set strands might make Lively consider going under the scissors for a seriously punk chop IRL, rather than just doing it for work.

This user makes a super important point. While many fans are "oohing" and "aahing" over Lively's mane magnetism regardless of her hair's shape, shade, and style, she adopted this look for her craft. Overall, fans are stoked to see the actor do her thing in this role.

The legion of Blake Lively lovers also wants to engage with The Rhythm Section, which is a spy thriller where her character Stephanie Patrick adopts an assassin's identity to uncover what really happened when her family perished in a plane crash. Though fans certainly dig the hair, there's a whole lot more to this drastic look.