Brendan Fraser Should Be In The New 'Mummy’ Movie

by Amy Roberts

If you're as much of a '90s kid as I am, then there's likely only one thing you want to know about a certain upcoming movie. Whether or not Brendan Fraser is in The Mummy could be the difference between seeing it and not seeing it for some people. Like me, you may have become extremely excited at the idea of Fraser returning to the movies when the new version of The Mummy was announced, only to be crushed by the disappointment that Tom Cruise is the leading star, instead. Which is fine, right? It's fine. I'm totally OK, and not still harboring a solid grudge over it all.

Well, guys, prepare to ball up your Mummy-related hopes and dreams and toss them in the trash, because at no point does Fraser turn up in The Mummy. Not once. Not even for a cameo. And I am officially bereft. Really piling on the tragedy of that missed opportunity is how sweetly Fraser talks about not being cast in The Mummy, such as in this interview with Access Hollywood:

"I understand that Tom is very popular in the World of getting films done. You know, I know very little about the actual project itself but I know it's gonna be great for an audience. Because they were always there for that thrilling popcorn movie feeling and adventure. And I'm grateful for all the support over the years, it's really very... thank you."

He's too cute, guys. And frankly, I think they really missed out on something special in not still including Fraser in the movie somewhere. As far as '90s action and adventure movies go, his portrayal of Rick O'Connell was incredibly memorable, dreamy, and, to a particular generation of movie fans, even iconic.

Maybe I'm totally biased because Fraser was one of my absolute favorite dream honeys of the '90s, but I always thought he was one of the more fun, charismatic, and authentic-seeming leading men of that era. Seeing him recently turn up as a prison guard in Season 3 of The Affair (and being just as bold and compelling as he always was) only cemented my belief that we should all be seeing more of Fraser. And however small a role it could have been, The Mummy could have definitely given fans of him, and of the 1999 and 2001 Mummy movies, the reverence that the actor deserves.

The actor might not be in The Mummy, but he'll always have our hearts, right ladies and gentlemen? Totally. Now if you don't mind, I think I have a Fraser-themed movie marathon to be getting on with.