'The Flash' Hinted That This Fan-Favorite Character Might Leave & Twitter Is Stressed

Katie Yu/The CW

Spoilers for the April 10 episode. Say it ain't so, Cisco! S.T.A.R. Labs' favorite technical genius could be leaving Earth-1, and it's all Breacher's fault. In The Flash's "Null and Annoyed," Breacher, Gypsy's dad, comesby Earth-1 to pay Cisco to visit, and by the time he leaves, he offers the scientist a new job on Earth-19. There's a very real possibility that Cisco will leave S.T.A.R. Labs, but is Carlos Valdes leaving The Flash?

In "Null and Annoyed," Breacher comes to Cisco and Caitlin for help when his blasting powers stop working, but it turns out they can't do anything to help him. He's getting older, and once you hit a certain age, the powers are the first thing to go. After yelling at Cisco and telling him that he hates him, Gypsy's dad returns to the lab at the end of the episode, dressed in his new retirement uniform (shorts and a Hawaiian shirt) and does something unthinkable: he offers Cisco his job. As the new Breacher, Cisco would be working with Gypsy, the girlfriend he hasn't seen in months, and he'd be making the most of his Vibe powers. There's just one pretty big catch, and Flash fans won't be happy with it. Being Breacher definitely means that Cisco would have to leave Team Flash, but it also might mean that actor Carlos Valdes will be leaving The Flash entirely. And fans, well, they are less than enthused with the idea.

Before fans all start freaking out about Cisco potentially leaving Team Flash, they should probably take some time to turn to Valdes himself. "Cisco has to weigh the that prospect against his loyalties to Team Flash in Central City on Earth-1," he told Entertainment Weekly about the new storyline. His interview was appropriately vague (did we really think he'd just come out and admit he was leaving the show, even if he were?), but he did reveal that Gypsy would be coming back to The Flash in episode 20 (three episodes from now), and that Gypsy and Cisco would be facing the challenges of their long distance relationship, as well as his new job offer. Valdes shared a link to the article on Twitter, writing, "Click bait? OR DRAMA?" So, make of that what you will fans.

If Valdes is leaving The Flash, it doesn't seem like he's doing it before the season finale. In that same interview, the actor hinted that fans would get answers about the mystery girl from Barry and Iris' wedding in the season finale, promising a "big pay off." This in turn suggests that he will also be in that finale. Bottom line: Cisco would never leave Barry to face DeVoe by himself. So, if fans are going to be forced to say goodbye to Cisco and Valdes, it won't be anytime soon. Besides, there's always the possibility that Cisco could take over Breacher's job and still show up in Central City from time to time. Or maybe the Breacher could be based on Earth-1, who knows?

Meanwhile, Cisco isn't the only Team Flash member fans are worried about after "Null and Annoyed." As the Thinker threat looms, Harry keeps turning to his thinking cap for answers, and it's obviously becoming a huge crutch and obsession. The thinking cap is his priority, so much so that the end of the episode finds him entering the Reverse Flash's time vault to plug in the thinking cap to some of the original Wells' (aka Eobard Thawne) technology and talk to Gideon. Now, it's entirely possible that this Wells, the one Team Flash currently believes is Harry from Earth-2, is actually Thawne, who was resurrected thanks to the "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover event. But, it seems more likely that the thinking cap is corrupting Harry's mind, causing him to become dependent on it in the same way the Thinker is.

Either way, it's nothing good.