Why 'Bachelor' Fans Shouldn't Worry About Chris Harrison Retiring Anytime Soon

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As every fan knows, The Bachelor franchise just wouldn't be the same without Chris Harrison. So, when the show aired a tribute to the host extraordinaire, it made some Bachelor fans question whether Chris Harrison was retiring. While the tribute was indeed very moving, don't count Harrison out of the reality TV game just yet.

On Jan. 7, Season 23 of The Bachelor premiered starring Colton Underwood. To celebrate the occasion, the show decided to have a lengthy, three-hour live event featuring fans, Bachelor Nation contestants, and even Harrison's mom, Mary Beth Harrison. In what came as a surprise to the host, his mother helped introduce a video tribute to him that chronicled his 17 years as a part of the ABC program. The tribute highlighted every major moment of Harrison's, from the start of it all in 2002 to today's most recent seasons.

Given how sweet the tribute was (which caused Harrison and fans alike to tear up a bit), some wondered whether it meant that the host would be stepping down from the series. And more than a few fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts and concerns over the prospect of a Bachelor Nation without everyone's favorite emcee.

Even though no one mentioned the possibility of Harrison retiring during the premiere, that didn't stop some from wondering whether there was a reason behind the moving video tribute.


One fan said that the tribute was "way too random" and that it felt like Harrison might be retiring because of that.

What's The Deal?

The tribute clearly left some fans confused.

Say It Ain't So

Another fan is "getting nervy" over the prospect of Harrison stepping down. Can you blame them? The Bachelor franchise simply wouldn't be the same without the host.

Cue The Tears

Like a Bachelor contestant without a rose, a Harrison retirement announcement would cause more than a few tears from fans everywhere.

"Please No"

Yet another fan thought that the tribute meant that Harrison may be retiring or that it's possibly on the horizon.

But, there's no need to worry, everyone. Harrison isn't going leaving anytime soon, according to one of the producers of the reality TV series. Mike Fleiss responded to fans' concerns on Twitter (in his typical jokey fashion). He wrote:

"I am happy to announce that @chrisbharrison is not retiring and that he has just signed a new 50-year contract! The guy just doesn’t age! #TheBachelor"

So, that should put an end to any speculation about the Bachelor mainstay.

Harrison also took to Twitter to address the speculation. He reacted to Fleiss' tweet with a simple, "I approve this message!"

Following his previous tweet, Harrison turned his attention toward the tribute in question and tweeted:

"This tribute meant so much to me. The best part was that my incredible mom @lifetimendallas delivered the message. My heart was very full tonight."

Harrison has been there through it all during his time on The Bachelor with the roses, the proposals, the tears, and so much more. And despite some fans' worries, the host isn't going to give up all of that reality TV fun anytime soon.