Can The Beyhive Return Their Coachella Tix?

by Mathew Jedeikin
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After it was announced in a statement to the Associated Press that Beyoncé would no longer be headlining Coachella 2017, tons of fans began wondering whether or not they could get a refund for their Coachella tickets, or if they could exchange them for tickets to Coachella 2018 — when Bey will indeed headline the festival. Well, unfortunately neither festival producer Goldenvoice nor Beyoncé's Parkwood Entertainment addressed refunds or exchanges in the official statement. Bustle has reached out to Coachella for comment on refunds, but has not yet received a response.

Unfortunately though, it's unlikely fans will have that option to get refunded for their tickets. Generally speaking, unless the entire event is canceled, you can't return tickets just because one of numerous acts drops out of a show.

In fact, the order information page on Coachella.com expressly states the following:

All sales are final. No refunds, cancellations or exchanges.

It's quite unlikely that the festival would decide to go back on this policy, which is pretty common for music festivals and concerts with multiple performers.

As Billboard reports, back in 2009 something similar happened when the Beastie Boys were unable to play Lollapalooza because the late Adam Yauch had been diagnosed with cancer. Festival organizers replaced the Beastie Boys with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and did not allow fans to return tickets. According to their statement at the time, "cancelation by individual bands does not entitle a ticket-holder to a refund."

It seems likely that Coachella will have a similar stance. Although fans may have bought tickets because they wanted to see Beyoncé, there are definitely still lots of other great acts still scheduled to take stage, like Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar.

So, what options ticket do holders have? Well, it seems that some fans are looking into selling their tickets...

Or you could wait and see if the festival names a replacement headliner that you might be a fan of, as well. Some have even suggested Lady Gaga for the gig.

With or without Beyoncé or Gaga, Coachella will undoubtedly still be a fun festival. So maybe it's best to just go and have a good time!