Is Corinne Faking It On 'The Bachelor'?

by Marenah Dobin
Rick Rowell/ ABC

My girl Corinne Olympios is getting a lot of heat for her antics on The Bachelor. Personally, I've grown to love her since she is providing the most consistent entertainment on this show. But, there are a lot of people who question whether she is "there for the right reasons." I hate using that phrase, but fans are curious as to whether Corinne is faking it on The Bachelor when it comes to her behavior and crazy quotes.

Well, Corinne commented on this idea during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen DeGeneres really cut to the chase when she talked to Corinne about her time on the show, and asked, "Watching it, is that the real you? Would you say that's a great representation of yourself?" Unlike some reality stars who blame their image on editing, Corinne said, "That is the real me. That is definitely a real side of me, but there are many other sides to me." Props to Corinne for keeping it genuine.

The talk show host then joked, "What sides didn't we see? We saw the front side." Once again, Corinne kept it real: "Yeah. You did." But she also explained, "I am an older sister. I run a business." She then teased, "I think that you'll see a lot more of Corinne as the season goes on." Yes, please. I would love some more Corinne on my television screen.

After being asked if she thinks she looks crazy on the show, Corinne answered, "Watching it back, I'm funny. I think I'm funny." And regarding whether she was drunk during her reality TV pursuit of Nick Viall, she said, "There [are] alcoholic beverages. I did know my limit. I never took it too far where I would black out or anything like that."

As a faithful viewer of the show, I want to chime in with my two cents, as well, based on what I've seen so far, and I do feel like she has been authentic. Did she take things a little far? Yes. Did she fall hard for Nick very quickly? Yes again, but that fits into the premise of the show.

Corinne is all about Nick on The Bachelor. She is in a setting with a lot of women and she just did what she could to get alone time with him. I'm not saying she had the most tact or social grace, but she really did seem like she was into him. Aside from her the 2-on-1 date with Taylor, Corinne isn't shown talking about the other women with him. Even during the on-camera interviews, Corinne only mentions other contestants when she is talking about them approaching her. Corinne had her eye on the prize and did what she could to become closer with Nick.

Just because you wouldn't straddle someone in a bouncy house or spray whipped cream on yourself in front of a television crew, it doesn't mean that Corinne was not genuine with her moves. Sure, they weren't the most subtle moves (to put it mildly), but it really seems like she thought that she thought she was making good calls at the time. She even admitted to DeGeneres, "I was a little bit more promiscuous than I thought I would look."

And aside from what we've seen, we have no idea what conversations Nick and Corinne had that didn't make the episodes. Just because she was coming on strong with the sexual stuff, it doesn't mean that the two of them did not have deeper conversations outside of that and it doesn't mean that Corinne was insincere.

Listen, Corinne does not make the best decisions all the time on the show. No one will argue that she does, not even Corinne, but it really does seem to me that everything she does in an effort to build a relationship with Nick. Did it work? I guess we will have to wait and see.