The Unluckiest Day Of The Year Is THIS WEEK

by Michelle Gross
Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As we approach the home stretch of what seems to be a never ending year, we may have one more hurdle to overcome. "Late dawn. Early sunset. Short day. Long night." Like it or not, that's what's in the forecast for Thurs., Dec. 21, 2017, according to the website Of course, it's not just any other Thursday. This Dec. 21 marks the winter solstice, which is not only the shortest day of the year (bummer) and the official beginning of winter (double bummer) but also poised to be one of the most unlucky days of the year for every sign in the zodiac. But why is Dec. 21, 2017 unlucky?

If you're looking for a scientific explanation, the winter solstice happens every year when the Sun is tilted on its axis at its most southern point of -23.5 degrees, while the North Pole is simultaneously tilted furthest away from the Sun. As a result, the winter solstice offers the fewest hours of sunlight in a day of the year. The very word "solstice" has roots in the Latin word for solstitium, which means "sun stood still" — and the solstice is "a seasonal shift that nearly everyone notices," according to the website Earthsky.

So whenever there's a change in seasons, that prompts the inevitable question: is something bad about to happen? If we're talking from an astrology point of view... I'm sorry to say, maybe.

According to astrologer and writer Neil Spencer on his website, the winter solstice on Dec. 21, 2017 occurs on the same day that the Sun enters Capricorn, the sign that Saturn will have entered on Dec. 19. Capricorn, as astrologist Susan Miller pointed out on her Twitter, is set to have a rough end of the year — which means that when the sun is in Capricorn, we'll all feel the effects of it, because our sun sign is our most powerful. So, this astrological shift could leave you feeling sadder than usual on Dec. 21, no matter what your sign is, according to Spencer. "You may feel limited and constrained today, but do not let that feeling keep you from living up to your obligations... take care of business, then you will be truly free to do as you wish. Your energy level may be low, but do not use this as an excuse for not doing your best."

So, the winter solstice is going to be unlucky. Don't freak out — prepare. Here are just a few things to steer clear of on Thursday, just to be safe.

Any Important Activity

According to the website Feng Shui Blog, you should steer clear of "any important activity," on Dec. 21. "Your work will be delayed or you will find many obstacles till Jan. 2018."

Your Sleep May Be Out Of Whack

Whenever there's a major shift in weather patterns, particularly surrounding days like the winter solstice where were losing daylight, some people are said to experience sleep issues.

You May Get More Headaches

If you're prone to getting migraines you're not going to want to hear this but it's not going to get much easier starting Dec. 21. That's because people who are prone to more headaches and migraines in the winter, according to a survey by the National Headache Foundation.

Lower Libido

Even though the cold weather may make you feel like you just want to curl up under a nice warm blanket with that special someone, come winter time all bets are off. According to the website, the change in weather is directly associated with this and "the main reason for this is the less intensity of sunlight leading to reduced production of serotonin, the feel good hormone that promotes sex drive. This hormone which acts as a fuel for your sex drive is at its lowest levels during winter." Ugh, winter solstice, you truly are the worst.