Is Emma Stone's Short Brown Hair Real? Her Asymmetrical Look Is A DRASTIC Change

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Didja know Emma Stone is a natural blonde? True story. But she is best known for her red hair, which has long been her signature. The star does ping pong back and forth between those shades in her professional and personal lives. However, Emma Stone just dyed her hair dark brown. The rich, chocolate locks, which are likely the semi-permanent work of her colorist, were such a change. They almost rendered the Oscar winner unrecognizable.

Stone "red carpet debuted" the drastic new hair color at the Producers Guild Awards over the weekend. She also styled her strands in an asymmetrical fashion — and the "faux bob" presentation was dramatic and stunning.

Stone rocked a half-up, half down 'do. But the short-ish shape was likely the work of styling tools and accessories like bobby pins. Her hair was also swept to one side in a deep part and it framed her face like a head-hugging bob. It was an optical illusion — or a "coif-tical" illusion.

The style had a punk rock energy and it allowed Stone to show off the gold leaf collar x necklace of her pale yellow dress.

Stone's hairstyle was a touch messy and heavily textured. It exuded an effortless, "I just rolled out of bed" vibe — as though she spritzed some sea salt or texturing spray into her locks, scrunched it with her fingers, and strutted her stuff out the door.

Emma Stone with brown bedhead was so, so beautiful. The long tendrils in the front were romantic, wistful, and untamed.

From this vantage point, her head looked shaved on the side. It had quite the Kristine Stewart edge to it.

Like so.

And so.

Stone rocked shimmery peach eyeshadow while her cheeks were flushed. Her lips were slicked with coral lipstick, so the dark locks were quite a contrast.

Her hair and makeup were in an exercise in opposites and the La La Land star looked gorgeous as usual. The warm, rich, and cocoa-tinted hair is the perfect shade for the bitter winter season.

Overall, Stone's coif was a marked difference from her two go-tos aka red and blonde. Stone usually favors shoulder-grazing length and Old Hollywood glam waves, too. So it was fun to see her go with such an unusual shape.

Stone's dress was cinched at the waist and on one side, featuring long sleeves. It didn't show any skin but it showed off the neckline. The super soft color also called attention to her strands.

If you need a refresher, here's Stone in Louis Vuitton with her recognizable red strands at the Golden Globes earlier this month. Flame-hued hair looks so good on her that you'd never know it wasn't her natural color unless someone told you. Notice both of her dresses were floor-sweeping in length with long sleeves and high collars. Her 2019 awards season gowns were quite similar.

Flashback. Stone seriously crushed a white hot, platinum blonde hue in the past. Even with her fair skin, the blonde didn't wash her out.

Here's hoping Stone's pitstop at brunette is something she keeps through the winter.