Emma Watson Showed Her Time's Up Support At The Oscars — With A New Tattoo

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It's no secret that Emma Watson is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to feminism. She's already the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and has taken a stand on eco-friendly fashion and has played arguably the most feminist film character of all time. But now she's wearing her cause right on her sleeve. Emma Watson wore a "Time's Up" tattoo to the Oscars, proving that she doesn't shy away from what she believes in.

While some Oscars guests chose to wear their Time's Up pins on the red carpet, Watson decided to go with something a little more permanent. Well, sort of. Although is was a temporary tattoo, the actress had the words "Times Up" printed on her arm.

Watson has yet to comment on the design, but, let's be honest, she doesn't really need to. The temporary tattoo speaks for itself. The design was simple, sweet, and to the point. The words "Times Up" was written in dainty cursive writing, and was no doubt to back the Time's Up Movement.

"All of us are responsible for creating change, whatever industry you work in. We're asking everyone to help create a world we can be proud of - one that is safe, just and equal," Watson said of the Time's Up Movement prior to the show.

"Together we can spread our message, support the strong people of all genders who are taking such personal risks, and make sure that this is one of those watershed moments in history where things never go back to the way they were before. This is the moment we stand together and say. #TIMESUP."

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While the meaning of the tattoo was clear, there was one tiny little detail that missed the mark. Watson's tattoo read "Times Up." The Name of the movement is Time's Up, as in "time is up." The actress' tattoo was missing an apostrophe, and the internet made sure that they pointed it out.

Watson has yet to comment on the ink at all, but there are a few reasons why this could have happened. The first is, well, someone forgot to put it there. Which would have been a slight oversight. The second is that she could have purposefully not included it in the design, because the money used to purchase it didn't go to the cause.

The pins worn at the Oscars, as well as other red carpet events, are all directly purchased from Time's Up. That means that every single penny goes to the movement. If Watson purchased this from an outside source, the money likely would not go to the movement. So it's possible that she kept the apostrophe out on purpose. Either way, the message came across from the temporary tattoo.

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As of March 5, you cannot purchase the temporary tattoos on the Time's Up website. There are other ways that you can show your support though. Time's Up has a merch section of the store, with all proceeds going to the movement. You can shop pins, shirts, stickers, and notebooks on the website right now. The items range between $3 to $25.

While you're on the website, you can also sign the pledge to stand with women everywhere to show that time is up for sexual harassment in the workplace. You're also able to donate money directly to the cause.

"TIME’S UP is a unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere," the website reads. "From movie sets to farm fields to boardrooms alike, we envision nationwide leadership that reflects the world in which we live."

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Bottom line: This movement is far from over. This is not a one all-black awards show and the fad is over. People are constantly finding new ways to embrace the movement and prove that this people will not stop until a world without sexual harassment is the norm.