Writer & Producer Janet Mock Says Angel's Getting A New Love Interest On 'Pose' Season 2

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It’s a time of celebration Pose fans. The ball culture drama is back with more drama, glamorous looks, nostalgic songs, and gripping moments on June 11 and everyone wants to know what’s going down with the House of Evangelista and Ferocity members and their circle. A lot the cast will return, obviously, but is Evan Peters in Pose Season 2? Angel might be getting a new lover soon.

Pose producer/writer/director Janet Mock told Bustle at a set visit in May that creator Ryan Murphy wanted this season to include a new love story for Angel. Last season focused on Angel and Stan’s relationship, which ended on a rocky note by the end of the season, so this news isn’t too surprising. And, Angel honestly deserves someone who can fully accept her love for ball culture, right?

Stan doesn’t have a close connection to any of the other main characters so this could mean he will not be in Season 2. There’s always the possibility that he could try to come back into her life but it’s not likely considering that, according to Entertainment Weekly, the show will experience a time jump to 1990. Per Mock, this decision was made to include Madonna’s “Vogue” single and how it affected the characters.

“We knew it was going to be about the rise of vogue, “Vogue” topping the charts for 3 weeks in the summer of 1990,” says Mock. “So, we knew it was going to take us to 1990, because it came out in February. But then what character would hear it first, who would we introduce it to the world, how would it feel to have this spotlight coming to this safe space we’re created for ourselves? So, it’s very complicated, and it gave us the opportunity to have really complicated conversations between our characters.”

A Pose promotional clip reveals how loving yet complex those conversations will be between these families. Blanca’s HIV status is taking a toll on her body, so she will have to lean on her children and Pray Tell for support as they advocate and educate others on the facts about being HIV positive during that time. But, Blanca still encourages Angel to pursue a modeling contract, which will surely be a tough road to navigate as a trans woman in 1990.

The clip ends with Blanca reminding her family that ballroom is all about family and not a trend. Madonna’s “Vogue” brought their culture to the mainstream and it’s no doubt going to cause some friction as they discuss what it means for a world who has previously rejected them to suddenly take an interest in their sacred space.

Stan’s time may be over in Pose, but there are so many rich stories that deserve to have the full spotlight in Season 2. It’s time to get ready to vogue, laugh, cry, and cheer on Angel, Blanca, Damon, and the rest of the crew as Pose dives deeper into the trials and triumphs of the LGBTQ community in the 90’s.

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