You Need To Add Amazon's New Show About 4 BFFs In Mumbai To Your Weekend Watch List

Amazon Prime Video

There’s nothing like getting together with your girls for a carefree adventure. For some people, that means taking a weekend trip to another city to hang with a long-distance bestie or a planned vacation somewhere with plenty of sun, sand, and eye candy. But, this meeting might simply be a quick happy hour at your favorite bar with a few close friends like the ladies in Four More Shots Please, which will make its Amazon Video debut on Jan. 25. Four More Shots Please isn’t based on a true story, but the premise and character will feel relatable and familiar to so many fans.

The series follows four Mumbai friends who link up at a local bar to talk (and drink) their problems away while getting into random shenanigans, per Mumbai Live. Anjana is a single mom who hasn’t had sex since her four-year-old daughter was born because she can’t get over her ex. Umang is bisexual and having some complicated issues in her love life as she looks for her next great adventure.

Damini is the classic workaholic type who find herself daydream about sex, even though she is “too busy” to be bothered with men. And, there’s Siddhi, a virgin whose mom is pressuring her into an arranged marriage. There’s surely something about each woman that viewers can either see in themselves or in someone they know, which is what makes it seem all too real.

Four More Shots Please recently released a trailer packed with lots of laughs, fun, and a dash of drama. Umang is reeling from some type of broken relationship with a woman while Damini faces her own challenges in the workplace. Siddhi questions her mother’s love and seems to have an issue with her weight as she stands on a scale. And, poor Anjana is just trying to get past her old man so she can get under a new one. But, it’s not all doom and gloom as the ladies ask for more shots, dance the night away, and flirt with a few men at their beloved bar. They also appear to go on a vacation together, where things will surely get wild as they escape all their problems for a little girl time.

Sayani Gupta, who portrays Damini, says Four More Shots Please is her most glamorous project to date, per The Indian Express, and said this story is for everyone. “While it’s about a gang of girls, the story is not exclusive to one gender,” said Gupta. “It can be a story of any group of friends. The show talks about people in general. There are loads of interesting plots and subplots. Also, through the journey of each girl, the audience will get an insight into other characters. And they are as interesting as them. I must also add that it is a really good-looking show. It is slick and very well-made. And above all, the script takes charge. It is a beautiful script about stories that matter.”

Four More Shots Please is the latest in a long-line of women friendship shows and hopefully it will lead to viewers begging for another round.