Gabrielle Union Chopped All Her Hair Off & It Looks So, So Good

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Everyone's favorite immortal actor has a new haircut, and it looks gorgeous. While she's not actually immortal because that's impossible (or is it?), Gabrielle Union's new bob hair cut is perennially chic, and she's totally digging it. One you get a look at her shorn locks, you'll be wanting to run to a salon near you for the edgy meets chic look.

In a video posted to her Instagram account, Union can be seen dancing and playing the air guitar with her new 'do, and it's seriously the coolest cut of the summer. The new bob seems to asymmetrical and parted heavily to one side. The pin straight strands only added to the choppy, cool look. Basically, Union looks like a true rockstar.

Is the chop real, though? While tons of celebrities are known to don wigs in order to rock different styles, that's not the case with Union, and she made sure her fans knew it. She's not wearing a wig or a weave, and in huge news for the stars, she cut her natural hair, and notes in the post that it's the first time she's taken a drastic cut to her own locks. Clearly, it was a great idea.

The chop was done by hair stylist Larry Sims, and in his post about the chop, Sims thanks the actor for trusting him with her natural hair. He also explains that usually when Union rocks short hair, it is, in fact, a wig, but now Union's new 'do is here to stay, and it looks incredible.

As for Union's opinion? They're clearly obvious, but in her post to Instagram, she says, "Not a wig or a weave... wanted something new and different so I did the damn thing and you cant tell me nada."

What are people telling Union, though? That they love the new style on her. The comments on her Instagram video are overwhelmingly positive, and given just how incredible the reaction has been to the chic bob, it could just become the hair cut of the summer.

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Like Union's hair stylist Larry Sims said in his Instagram post, this isn't the first time that Union has gone short. It's the first time she's cut her natural hair short. Typically, Union is actually kind of a hair chameleon, and considering that she's got the rest of eternity (given her very clear immortality) to try out new styles, so why wouldn't she?

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Union doesn't just change up her hair personally, though. She also sends messages to black women with her hairstyles on screen. In a 2016 interview with Byrdie, Union explains that during a meeting with executives, she told them that a character she was set to play should have braids. Others in the room disagreed and continued to insinuate that braids were not "polished" enough for the character.

In the interview, she went on to explain the importance of black hair saying, "There's a larger conversation with people of colour when it comes to our hair and our skin colour. People will try to lighten our skin tones and alter our hair, which says a lot of about how we feel about ourselves versus how other people feel about our blackness and textured hair. We need to showcase the fullness of our beauty."

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Gabrielle Union's new choppy bob is yet another new look for her, and honestly, it's basically hair goals. With the star, though, it may not stick around forever. Honestly, that's kind of one of the greatest things about Union. She's a genius when it comes to expressing herself through beauty and style, and now, everyone gets to see what's next.