Hailey Bieber Just Cut Off All Her Hair & Dyed It Black Because Grunge Never Died

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There’s no official reason why celebrities changing their hair is so life-changing for their fans. However, there’s a certain level of internal “shookness” felt when people like Hailey Bieber sport a jet black bob. The supermodel literally looks like a ‘90s indie singer and it might be the grunge look to cop for your next drastic hairstyle.

If you’re in the market for a dark haired dye job, look to the archives of Hailey Bieber’s photoshoots. The supermodel posed for a photoshoot with Interview Magazine and posted one of the photos to her Instagram while decked out in denim.

In the photo, Bieber sits on a fold-up chair with her back to the camera only to stunt with a super short wet hair cut grazing the nape of her neck. While the supermodel only tagged the magazine in the Instagram post, after a little snooping, hair artist Bob Recine is behind Bieber’s new edgy appearance.

Fans are used to seeing the supermodel with short hair, but this deep dark short ‘do strays far away from the dirty blond flared lob fans are accustomed to. If you can still believe this is even Hailey Bieber, feast your eyes on this super ‘90s hair vibe.

No one is really sure whether or not Hailey is rocking a wig in the darker hairstyle or not since more of her Interview photos show the model back in her natural blond lob.

Flexing her stuff in front of some lemons, Bieber's photoshoot also featured the model back in her blond roots and a denim jacket and undies styled by photographer Mel Ottenberg.

The supermodel is one celebrity who has rocked several different looks while staying true to her short look and showing off its versatility with a bunch of different colors.

If you ever thought that color Frenchie wore in Grease during that "Beauty School Dropout number" was impossible to achieve, Hailey Bieber cracked the code to the shade back in February. Bieber served fans rosy vibes and dyed her hair a bubble gum pink color that gave hair enthusiasts a reason to go pink.

Going even bolder and blonder, Bieber dyed her hair again in May for an Adidas photoshoot. The model kept her iconic short wet hairstyle, but shot for this awesome platinum blond color. Both her Adidas shoot and pink haired ensemble were photographed by Sasha Samsonova and it's clear she knows how to make Bieber's hair the star of the show.

The model went so far as to dye her hair aquamarine blue for a photoshoot with luxury brand Chaossixtynine in Nov. 2018 where she sported another wet stringy hairstyle with a set of bangs to set this entire badass look off. Is there a color in the Pantone collection Bieber can't pull off?

If there's one thing you can learn from Hailey Bieber, it's that you can definitely have fun as a short-haired blond. However, sporting a variety of hair colors and hair lengths throughout the year is what truly makes this model's hair style trends super.