Lifetime's 'Her Boyfriend's Secret' Is A Far Cry From A Typical Fairytale Romance


Have you ever felt like you've met the perfect guy and it almost seems too good to be true? Well, when it comes to the new Lifetime original movie Her Boyfriend's Secret, just take that notion, multiply it by a thousand, and throw in as many shocking twists as possible. Full of lies, deceit, and more secrets than you can count, this film has all the Lifetime ingredients that'll make you start questioning everything you know about your significant other. But is Her Boyfriend's Secret based on a a true story? This fairytale nightmare is enough to leave any couple paranoid.

The story centers around a woman named Melissa, who develops a relationship with a man named John, who seems like a total stand-up guy. In fact, he's so great it makes you wonder how he's still single in the first place. As their relationship progresses, Melissa couldn't be happier and is clearly falling head over heels in love with him. However, when John's ex-girlfriend shows up with a warning about him, everything starts to change. And while you may be tempted to think that it's all just some jealous ploy in order to get John back, it soon becomes clear that there's some truth to his ex's story. John is not who he appears to be, and the more Melissa finds out about him, the more danger she appears to be in.

The official Lifetime synopsis of the movie reads as follows:

"When home renovator Melissa Davis strikes up a new relationship with her client, John Anderson, she believes she’s found the guy of her dreams. However, when John’s ex, Carrie, appears with a grave warning, Melissa learns that her dream man has a dark secret that he’ll kill to protect."

Based on the trailer, it seems as though John's real name is actually Dr. Christian Wellsley, a neuroscientist with a secret family. So why exactly is he pretending to be someone he's not, and perhaps more importantly, what's he going to do when Melissa finds out his big secret? Viewers will have to tune in when Her Boyfriend's Secret airs on Lifetime this Saturday, Sept. 8 at 8 p.m. ET in order to see how it all plays out.

So considering the chilling premise of the story, is any part of it based on real life or is this entirely a work of fiction? Luckily, as is the case with many Lifetime movies, the plot appears to be completely made up and created by writers in order to entice viewers to watch. (Mission accomplished, BTW!) Of course, it's possible that there's someone out there who's currently living a double life. (Heck, maybe he even goes by the name John.) But when it comes to this Lifetime movie, the characters aren't based on any specific person.

In any case, you can take comfort in knowing that, while the idea may be entertaining to watch, it most likely won't happen in real life. That being said, it wouldn't hurt to keep an extra close eye on your partner over the next few weeks. You know, just in case.