This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Never Want To Talk To Your High School Classmates Again

With so much social media in the world, it's not uncommon to reconnect with a high school classmate and reminisce about the good old days of pep rallies, field trips, and prom. Usually, this just involves some friendly banter and catching up, but leave it to Lifetime to take such an innocent exchange and taint it with murder. Thankfully, the network's new movie Hometown Killer isn't based on a true story, but it might make you second guess accepting a few friend requests.

According to Lifetime's official description, Kaitlyn Black stars in the film as Tara, who somehow reconnects with a former high school classmate named Penny. It's not clear what Tara is currently doing with her life, but Penny has apparently found a successful career as a police officer. However, she is still haunted by the bullying she endured in high school and is determined to get revenge. If Tara was one of the people who bullied Penny, that could explain why she now soon finds her life in danger.

The Hometown Killer trailer offers a little more detail. It starts off showing a girl, assumedly Penny, being cruelly tied to an office chair and getting her face forcibly painted in clown makeup. A second later, it cuts to a straight-on shot of Penny in the present day, looking angry as ever.

We're then shown a group of people all standing around, laughing and pointing at her, and things escalate from there. Penny is seen screaming "dead, so dead" in her car and looking into a mirror with blood all over her head, then in a house, dressed in her cop uniform, pointing a gun at someone and yelling "freeze." "Sometimes being a cop makes me expect the worst of people," her voiceover says ominously.

That leaves a few questions. Why did Tara and Penny reconnect in the first place? We can assume they run into each other when Tara comes home for some reason, but couldn't they have simply exchanged hellos and went their separate ways? It's understandable why Penny would still be angry about how she was treated in high school, but why does she want to kill Tara? What exactly happened that has made her plot revenge all of these years? If Tara was a part of the popular crowd, then a few of her old buddies may have already been killed or are on Penny’s list. And because she's a police officer, it would be that much easier to cover up her crimes. It's also hard to know who to root for: if Tara was a bully, she's not exactly in the right, but retaliating with murder is definitely a worse offense. Whoever you side with, it's certainly going to be a dark and twisted story that will keep you glued to your TV for a couple of hours.

The only way to find out who comes out on top is to tune in when Hometown Killer hits Lifetime on June 21 at 8 p.m. ET.