This Skittles Ad Will Make You Want To Travel

by Amy Roberts

As you are likely more than aware by the now, the 2017 Super Bowl is taking place in Houston, Texas. And as Marshawn Lynch's Super Bowl ad for Skittles has gleefully demonstrated, there isn't just one Houston in the world. Oh, no — the ex-NFL player and prolific smile-inducer took a trip to Houston, Scotland in the Super Bowl Skittles advert to share his candy, and his enthusiasm, with the fine Scottish public of this quaint-looking town. But is Houston, Scotland a real place? Well, rest easy and start building up that travel fund, because I'm happy to declare that it certainly is.

Despite sharing the same name, the two destinations are pretty different from one another. Whereas Houston, Texas is the fourth most populous city in the U.S. with an approximate population of 2,296,224, Houston, Scotland is a small village with an approximate population of 6,350 people.

And, as shown in the Skittles commercial, Lynch experienced a slight bit of culture shock when faced with a historic building built in the stupefying year of 1160 and the proud, traditional wearing of a kilt. Houston and Houston may share names, but they definitely don't share features. Which is a real shame, because I'd absolutely love to be surprised by men donning kilts during the Super Bowl in Houston this year. But alas, this is simply not to be.

The advert, which will be aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5, isn't the first time Lynch has appeared in a commercial for Skittles. In Sept. 2015, Lynch got the football season off to a sweet start when he appeared to sell skittles on EVINE live.

Among some of the glorious tidbits of sales talk Lynch indulged in, there was a devastating realization that he simply couldn't cope with dating a "sour" girl who didn't enjoy the candy brand. He also divulged the perfect serving suggestion for Skittles, which simply involved "grabbing a handful" of them and then loudly devouring dozens of them all at once. This pretty much makes him one of my absolute favorite candy kings of all time.

As well as being pretty damn hilarious, the Super Bowl commercial in Houston, Scotland also proves one very sweet fact. Even though customs, lifestyles, accents, and the physical appearance of locations may differ around the world, we can all be united in our universal love for candy. Oh, and our appreciation for Lynch, of course. Because that is a man that I would happily share a handful of Skittles with any day of the week.