There's A Familiar Face In Lorde's "Green Light"

by Ashley Rey
LordeVEVO on YouTube

The wait for new music from the "Royals" singer came to an end, as Lorde dropped a "Green Light" music video for her lead single on Thursday. The New Zealand native was right; this track will definitely make you want to dance. The music video mainly features Lorde dancing alone, but, when she's gazing at herself in a bathroom mirror, you may have noticed a familiar face. Is Jack Antonoff in Lorde’s “Green Light” video? After a little research, I can confidently reply, "yes." That totally is Antonoff, rocking out to the keys in a blue florescent bathroom halfway through the visual.

The fun. lead guitarist and Bleachers lead singer lent his producing skills to the track, and, as if that's not awesome enough, Lorde revealed in an interview with Zane Lowe from Beats 1 that he pretty much produced the majority of her sophomore album, which is so brilliantly titled Melodrama.

Context clues would tell you that "Green Light" is more of an upbeat tune and unlike anything that we're used to hearing from the artist thus far. I'm hoping that it's setting the tone for what we can expect from Melodrama. According to the singer, Lorde's upcoming release tells of "the last 2 wild florescent years of [her] life." And, with a title like Melodrama, you know you're in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Lorde totally let us into her personal life with this new track. In her recent interview with Lowe, the singer shared just what the song meant to, and did for, her:

"And the song is really about those moments kind of immediately after your life changes, and about all the silly little things that you gravitate towards. And I realized this is that drunk girl at the party dancing around crying about her ex-boyfriend who everyone thinks is a mess. That’s her tonight and tomorrow she starts to rebuild. And that’s the song for me."

No, Lorde. That's the song for all of us.

Antonoff also feels strongly about the dance track and tweeted about the experience of working with Lorde upon the video's release. Just hours before, the musician announced that we'd all be listening to "Green Light" sooner than later, but no one really caught on to it until now.

Antonoff went on to paint a vivid picture of he and Lorde's (aka Ella's) working confines the night "Green Light" was created. Apparently, the two birthed the track in his NYC apartment after being inspired by a concert the night before.

Antonoff and Lorde teaming up to create such magic is just what we all needed. "Green Light" is the perfect anthem to listen to if you're experiencing a breakup. No more sobbing in the corner (although I anticipate at least one ballad from Lorde on the album). It's time to dance those blues away.