Is Jack The Tin Man On 'Emerald City'? What Happened To Him Is Telling

David Lukacs/NBC

Dorothy's squad might already be growing as her journey to see the Wizard continues. While she has already met (and locked lips) with the Scarecrow, known as Lucas until he gets his memory back, Friday's episode may have introduced more legendary characters from the Yellow Brick Road. I'm willing to bet that the little red-headed girl that Dorothy and Lucas meet is meant to be the Cowardly Lion, and is Jack the Tin Man on Emerald City? He was saved from certain death by a seemingly mad scientist, and happens to be missing a crucial organ.

Now, Jack's character is based on Jack Pumpkinhead from The Marvelous Land Of Oz by L. Frank Baum. In the original book, he is created out of a pumpkin as a friend for Tip. However, his new metalic body on Emerald City — heart not included — has me wondering if these two characters have not been combined for the NBC drama series.

Last week, Jack fell from a tall tower after getting in a fight with his friend Tip. Thinking that Jack was dead, Tip left, and so the two are separated. While Tip is being courted by both Glinda and West, Jack has found himself in the hands of two equally strange women with ideas about his future: Jane the scientist, and Lady Ev.

I suppose we won't know for sure if Jack is this adaptation's version of the Tin Man until he meets up with the girl from Kansas. Either way, Jack's journey just became another fun brick to follow on Emerald City.