Is James Nesbitt Married? The 'Cold Feet' Star's Separation From His Partner Is Admirably Amicable

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With Cold Feet returning to screens for the third time in its revived state, it's not so uncommon to start wondering about the personal lives of the actors involved. Surely their lives aren't filled with the same amount of drama and relationship troubles as their fictional counterparts? While I would happily dig deep and learn things about everyone on the show, I'm going to focus on one person in particular. So, is James Nesbitt married?

Well according to Hello! magazine, Nesbitt was married to actor Sonia Forbes-Adam, of whom they share two daughters. The pair met while starring in a theatre production of Hamlet in 1989, where they began dating. After a brief split, the couple reunited and got married in 1994.

However, Nesbitt and Adam divorced in 2013 "citing difficulties due to Nesbitt's two years of filming The Hobbit in New Zealand," according to The Daily Mail. Even so, they still live fairly close to one another in South London and are more than amicable. "James and Sonia Nesbitt separated over two years ago as previously reported," Nesbitt's spokesperson told the newspaper. "They remain on the best of terms and request their family's privacy is respected. There are no third parties involved."

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Nesbitt has previously been open in discussing difficulties in his private life, reflecting on the choices he's made and how he has learned from them. "In my life, I have made the occasional catastrophic choice and it's just a case of moving on and learning from it," he told The Telegraph in 2004.

Nesbitt went on to reiterate those comments during an interview with the Radio Times in 2017, where he explained that while he "certainly regrets things," he's also aware that these events cannot be changed. "I think separating has an impact because you look at why it happened and you see mistakes that were made," he explained. "I'm lucky enough to be able to look back at stuff and say, 'Oh well that was then, I've had a good lash at that, and this is now.'"

Nesbitt and his former wife remain on good terms, with the Belfast Telegraph reporting that they attended Wilderness Festival together with their daughters last year. While there, he had a run in with an altogether different kind of public figure. "Wilderness is very middle class - I saw David Cameron with his bodyguard at the portaloos, waiting to go in," he told the newspaper.

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And while Nesbitt's portrayal of Adam Williams in Cold Feet isn't a representation of the actor himself, it's clear that Nesbitt is still pretty attached to the "alter-ego" he has been portraying for nearly 20 years, and where his character arc is headed in the new series.

"I think rebooting the series has served me well as we go into our middle-ages," he recently told the Evening Express. "Sometimes for people who are in complete denial about things, they need a very big eye-opener and I think it comes and it's delivered through humour and pathos and embarrassment and awkwardness, it encompasses all of those things and we want to get somewhere by the end of it."

Cold Feet continues tonight on ITV at 9 p.m.