Is Jill Zarin A Donald Trump Supporter? The Former 'Real Housewives' Star Attended His Inauguration — PHOTOS

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A certain former Bravo Housewife was at Donald Trump's inauguration. Real Housewives of New York City alum Jill Zarin attended the swearing in of the 45th president on Friday, Jan. 20. Ever since she got invited to the historical event, she's been sharing photos left and right on Instagram. Yeah, Zarin really wants everyone to know that she was at Trump's big, yet controversial, day. Seeing as she was invited, is Jill Zarin a Donald Trump supporter?

It doesn't appear that she has ever straight up said she supports Trump or that she voted for him. (Bustle reached out to Zarin for comment and did not receive an immediate response.) She's also retweeted him on Twitter, but that's not exactly confirmation. Whatever the case, the Bravolebrity was in Washington D.C. watching Trump officially become the 45th president of the United States.

On Thursday, Zarin posted an Instagram of her invitation to the inauguration and wrote, "Dad is out of woods and I'm packing for D.C.! This is my first inauguration. I am going as an AMERICAN to support democracy( and hey I got invited. ..!)"

She also wants everyone to know that she doesn't care what they think about Trump, because this is her choice to go. Also, it seemed Zarin tried to make it clear that she doesn't agree with everything that Trump has said or done. As she Instagrammed, "If you want to unfollow me ... bye bye! I'm sick of bullies. I don't agree with some things but running away won't change it. Be there.. show up... use the system to communicate. But don't you dare make me feel guilty for going to see OUR country at work!"

Whether or not she considers herself a Trump supporter, Zarin is super excited about being in D.C. Just check out all of her photos.

Another Set Of Invites

In case you didn't believe the first set she posted.

At The Trump Hotel

Rolling up golf cart style.

Hanging With A Famous Chef

She is loving life so much right now, especially when hanging with Top Chef Masters contestant David Burtka.

She Is Ready To For Trump

By the way, that's her nephew.

Dining With Trump's Ex-Wife

Yes, that's Marla Maples. Yes, she attended her ex-husband's inauguration.

She's Finally Made It

Those are some big smiles.

And if you're wondering her exact location during the inauguration, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star and family friend of the Manzo's Greggy Bennett pointed her out for everyone.

Do you see her? She's the one taking a selfie.