Is Kat Von D Beauty's Lock-It Brightening Powder Worth It? This Isn't Your Average Setting Product

Get ready, because the product that you never knew you needed just snuck up on you. In the midst of launching palettes and lip products galore, Kat Von D Beauty created an under-eye setting power that you're going to love. It's got the same name as her cult-classic face products, but it's something you didn't see coming. If you're wondering if Kat Von D Beauty's Lock-It Brightening Powder is worth it, you'll know instantly after you hear the benefits.

In one heck of a surprise beauty moment, Kat Von D Beauty dropped two new setting products. The first is their first-ever Lock-It Setting Mist, which claims to be the finest spray out there. The brand's Lock-It Brightening Powder also launched the same day. This isn't to be confused with the Lock-It Setting Powder though. Unlike the previous launch, the brightening product has pigment to it and is specifically created for the under-eye area.

Lock-It Brightening Powder, $25, Sephora

The Brightening Powder is also a bit cheaper than the Setting Powder, coming in at $25. But is it worth it? Well, from the claims, the short answer is yes. According to the product description, the tinted shade was created to work with their Lock-It Concealer to brighten and set the under eye area. It is said to smooth and blur the crease-prone area without adding texture. I'd say that's pretty darn great.


Lock-It Brightening Powder in Petal, $25, Sephora

The powder comes in three different shades — Petal for light, Peach for medium, and Golden for dark skin types. According to the Kat Von D Beauty site, the shades contain a balance of pigment and brightening powders to weightlessly add the coverage to the face. I'd say that's definitely worth the money.

The best part is that you don't have to wait to get you hands on it. Without any notice to their fans, the product is already available on the Kat Von D Beauty and Sephora website. Like I said before, each shade is $25 each.


Lock-It Brightening Powder in Golden, $25, Sephora

If you ask me, it's just a matter of time before this product becomes one of their other cult-favorites. I'd head over to the site and pick it up before more people catch on and it sells out!