'Killer Mom' Has Everything A Lifetime Movie Should


There are some things that simply must happen in a Lifetime movie. Killer Mom premieres April 15 and hits all of the checkpoints, and then some. This movie has an adoption, an affair, a plane crash and a nefarious plan hatched by someone who is hiding under the guise of being a sweet, loving mother. Throw in an overworked detective with a heart of gold and you have a quintessential Lifetime flick. With all of this craziness, could it be that Killer Mom is based on a true story?

If you have ever watched a Lifetime movie, then you know that if there is even a stitch of truth weaved into any part of the narrative, then they'll splash "Based On A True Story" all over it. It's a great way to get people interested, because who doesn't love a salacious true story? Well, it does not appear that this particular movie is based on any real events because nowhere in Killer Mom's synopsis or Lifetime's advertising does it even hint at the possibility of it being true. The description that Lifetime has on their website sums up Killer Mom like this:

"When 14-year-old Allison loses her father in a plane crash just two years after her adoptive mother died, she is devastated. At the funeral, she is shocked to finally meet her birth mother, Jessica — who had an affair with Alison's father, but gave up custody of her baby daughter. Now, Jessica tells her daughter she's ready to step in and be the mother Allison needs. But unbeknownst to Allison and her half-sister Sydni, Jessica has nefarious plan in store for her new family."

Aside from the fact that Killer Mom is not advertised as a true story, the plot is way too unbelievable, in my opinion, for it to actually have truth to it. I mean, the affair and the plane crash are pretty far-fetched already, but then you add in a villainous birth mother who comes out of the woodwork at a funeral and you have crossed over into purely fictional territory. Also, I am assuming the mother attempts to kill someone — potentially her own children — but I am just speculating based on the title. If Jessica were based on a real person, I think I would have heard about on the news at one point or another.

Just because Killer Mom isn't fully based in reality doesn't mean it won't be enjoyable to watch. A fictional thriller can send chills down your spine just as easily as a dramatized true tale can. Killer Mom may not be a true story, but it's sure to be entertaining.