Don't Jump To Conclusions About Kim K Being Pregnant Yet

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a promo for the next episode showed Kim Kardashian saying, "I'm gonna try to have one more baby." She then adds, "I want my kids to have siblings, but the doctors don't think it's safe for me." With that bombshell, I'm sure there are many people now wondering whether or not another Kimye baby is on the way. So is Kim Kardashian pregnant?

That's definitely not something that can easily be answered, since someone could always be pregnant, but just not sharing the news yet. I'm sure if or when Kardashian does get pregnant, she will reveal it in her own time. Now that she is living a more secure and cautious life post-robbery, I have a feeling a pregnancy is something the reality star would keep close to her chest until she was ready to announce it to the world. If that's the case, I can't blame her one bit. (Bustle has reached out to Kardashian's rep for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.)

Also, just because a KUWTK promo shows her saying that she wants to try to have another baby doesn't mean she will or that the 36-year-old is currently pregnant. The episode has yet to air, so there's a chance that the Selfish author decided not to have another baby, especially since she experienced two high-risk pregnancies with North and Saint West.

The outcome of her decision, at least in the episode, is still unknown. Until it airs next Sunday, people are most likely going to jump to conclusions and wonder if Kardashian is pregnant at this exact moment. I mean, who wouldn't based on that teaser? It's definitely set up in a way to get people thinking — and talking.

There is also the fact it is very possible for someone to be expecting a child without actually being pregnant. During a November 2016 KUWTK episode, Kardashian discussed surrogacy. It's something she researched and explored. She also sat down and talked with a woman who used a surrogate.

As Kourtney Kardashian pointed out to her sister, "If you use a surrogate, nobody has to know the whole time. You could have a baby for a year and nobody would even know. Not that that's a reason to have a surrogate, but if you have to that is a benefit." Basically, if or when she decides to have a third baby, Kardashian may keep it under tight wraps no matter how she chooses to have the baby.

Either way, I could see Kardashian putting to bed any and all pregnancy questions if they become too much for her. You know, kind of like she did in January after sharing a cryptic tweet filled with baby emojis. After someone asked her if she was pregnant, the KUWTK star replied, "Def not! [crying laughing emoji]."

If she's not pregnant, she could very well let the world know. And if she is expecting a third child another way, well, that's a different story. Kardashian may choose to reveal it in an elaborate way or stay silent altogether until the baby's arrival.

Whatever the case, let's not start sending gifts for baby no. 3 her way just yet before more details are known. Let's also remember this isn't the first time Kardashian's talked about having another baby, so maybe she is just exploring her options once again. Her thinking about having a third child could very well end up being just that — a thought.