Kim Kardashian Got Two Haircuts In A Week & Her Hair Has Never Been Shorter

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's not often that you book an appointment with the hairdresser to update your look less than a week after your last visit. But, then again, not many of us have a Kardashian-sized bank account. In the world of our favorite TV family royalty members, it's never too soon to get a makeover. Kim Kardashian cut her hair into a shorter bob, just days after revealing her sleek platinum lob.

Kim K. has been sporting her usual long hair in a silver style with black roots lately, but a few days ago she decided to transform her signature long mane into a classic, collarbone skimming lob.

But sometimes it just so happens that you come home and have doubts, as Kim K possibly found. Maybe she thought the style would come out differently, but it turns out the magic just isn't there. Or sometimes she looked in the mirror the day after, and realized she played it too safe. No matter the reason, Kimmy called her stylist and told them to squeeze her in. And now our girl has a bob.

We don't know what provoked Kim to walk back into that salon, but one can't say the change wasn't worth it. While her lob was very on trend, the shoulder-skimming bob definitely is a little sassier. It's not a major difference by any means, but as anyone who has ever had a haircut before will admit, an inch or two makes a major difference. (Especially when that inch or two is hacked off without your request. I may or may not still be mourning the disastrous haircut of 2012.)

Kardashian revealed the new look to fans on Snapchat Friday night, trying to gauge if she made the right decision or not. You know how those spontaneous moments of bravery can leave you second guessing after the adrenaline wears off. “I cut my hair even shorter today. Do we like it or is it too short?” Kardashian asked with bunny ears on.

Obviously we can't see what fans wrote back, but it's hard to imagine many having a negative reaction to the flawless chop. To make the change happen, she went to her usual hairstylist Chris Appleton, who also gave her her original transformation. Before the lob, she had been appearing with beachy waves or pin-straight waist skimming hair.

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“Kim and I love to change up her hair game,” Appleton shared on Kardashian’s app and website. “We have had so much fun with the long wave and felt that it was time to add a new look. We decided to go for the chop. I wanted to create a sleek and chic vibe. This was a super angled blunt cut that complemented Kim’s face and jawline from all angles.”

While Kim is known to rock wigs from time to time to change up her look, this particular transformation is pretty dramatic since it's her real hair. It's not often that she makes changes to it. For example, back in 2016 at the Yeezy Season 3 show — where the family infamously dressed up in white furs and glittering dresses — she donned a long blonde wig, making us think for a minute that she went back for the bleach, like she did in '15.

This year, Kardashian blonde transformation happened during the first week of September, and it has been fun to see how she kept tweaking it as the months wore on. She's definitely the type that isn't scared with experimentation in fashion or beauty, which is an inspiration for the rest of us that might be afraid of salon scissors. Next time you book a hair appointment, see if you can take the plunge.