Kim K's New Fragrance Comes In A Bottle That Is Literally Molded After Her Naked Body

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is super adept at breaking the Internet. She also enjoys showing off her naked figure. Her butt-baring Paper magazine cover in 2014 is one of her most memorable moments. But it's about to be upstaged by her KKW Body Fragrance bottle. The bottle is basically a cast of Kardashian's naked and curvy torso. It's also packaged in a box that puts it on a pedestal. That's how the makeup mogul and reality star described it in the Instagram story during which she revealed the container.

The KKW Body Fragrance bottle is legit the most extra thing Kardashian has ever done and that's saying something. She is a master marketer who essentially holds a Ph.D in extra-ness. She knows how to work it, to take it to extremes, to get people talking and trolling, and to make a mint in the process.

The bottle does resemble that of a previous Nicki Minaj fragrance — Pink Friday, to be exact. That bottle was also accused of ripping off Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique fragrance.

So the bust bottle is certainly a familiar concept. But Kardashian is taking it to a whole other level because of course she is. The bottle was made from a mold of her actual body. Its name is exactly what it is — KKW Body.

If you decide the purchase the fragrance when it drops on April 30, it will be like owning a piece of Kim K.

That's not a press package, either. It's the actual consumer version that will be sold. While we now know what KKW Body will look like, what does it smell like? That important element of the perfume has been rendered secondary, thanks to the racy AF bottle.

The top notes are Vert de Bergamot, Vert de Mandarin, Baies Rose Orpur, and Peach Nectar. The middles are Ylang Ylang Moheli Orpur, Rose Turkey Absolute, and Jasmine Sambac Absolute. The base is Vetiver Haiti Orpur, Sandalwood Australia Orpur, Golden Amber, and Musk.

It's definitely a rich olfactory mix. But back to the packaging.

There's the view from the side.

How about a literal rear view? It's quite a presentation and it's thoroughly Kim. While so many haters are drudging up her sex tape, she takes the power back and owns it. Somewhere behind her iPhone screen, she has to be scrolling through the comments with a wink and a nudge.

From this angle, it is indeed like a statue on a pedestal.

That's not a white shirt. KKW was truly the model for the bottle.

Yes, Twitter was super vocal about the bottle. Many noted that KKW getting naked and pushing the limits of social media rules and regulations is nothing new. She also had to censor the images due to Twitter and Instagram policies.

This Miranda Priestly meme was probably the nicest way that Twitter expressed its opinion over the bottle. This is a klassic Kim PR move.

This user took a minute to praise Kardashian for her confidence.

As stated previously, the fact that the bottle resembles the JPG fragrance was not lost on the internet.

While the idea is hardly original, it's still patently KKW.

Other users noted that she didn't need to get slathered with materials in order to make a mold, stating she could have done a 3D scan instead. But what fun would that be? It certainly wouldn't inspire as intense of a reaction as the the nearly naked pics she has shared as part of the promo.

And here's why Kim is #winning.

So, yeah, Kim K. got naked to make a mold of her body for her perfume bottle. And more power to her for it.