Is Kylie Cosmetics Having A 2017 Presidents Day Sale? Here's How To Save Some Extra Cash This Weekend & Beyond

Presidents Day weekend is finally here! To celebrate, some of the best fashion and beauty brands are getting in the holiday spirit by offering weekend-long deals. Unfortunately, Kylie Cosmetics doesn't seem to be having a Presidents Day sale. That doesn't mean that there aren't still ways to save some money though. There's a way to get your makeup items and save some money too — this weekend and beyond.

If you're looking to add Kylie Cosmetics to your shopping list this weekend, you might be a little disappointed. As of Feb. 18, the brand has yet to announce a Presidents Day sale. There's no sign of a special deal on the website or social media. Of course, you never know what Kylie Jenner will do next though. It's possible that she's saving the announcement until even closer to the holiday. I'd make sure to follow them on social media, just to make sure you don't miss anything.

There is still a way to save some money though. According to the banner of the website, you'll get free shipping on domestic orders over $40 and international orders of $60. That saves you about $9 to $15, depending on where you're shopping from. That deals isn't tied to the holiday either. You can save money on the shipping whenever you buy.

It's not hard to rack up $40 or $60 on the Kylie Cosmetics site. Just buy a palette or a Kyshadow Bundle and you'll be good to go. or you could always just buy one lip kit. I wouldn't mark this one off your to-shop list, just because there's no sale. It's not very often that there's a full restock on the Kylie Cosmetics site.

Every single item is stocked on the site, as of Feb. 18 at 3:30 p.m. ET. The Royal Peach Palette is up for grabs as are all the Lip Kits. There's also some new additions to the site. Jenner created "get the look" kits that offer the Burgundy Kyshadow Palette, a Lip Kit, and a free Gloss for $65. That's a heck of a deal in itself.

There might not be anything new on the site or any deals as of now, but, let's be honest, you're probably still going to shop anyways. You might as well do it while there isn't a mad rush to get onto the site.