Is Kylie Jenner's Purple Hair Real? She Had Multiple Colors This Weekend —PHOTOS

From highlighter yellow to royal purple! Kylie Jenner's hair had a busy AF weekend. The makeup mogul was seen rocking a purple, chin-length bob on her Instagram and during a variety of Coachella festivities. The length looked like her natural locks but what about the hue? Is Kylie Jenner's purple hair real?

The purple-tipped bob followed her highlighter marker yellow, blunt cut, and shoulder-grazing lob, which the coif chameleon also rocked during Coachella events. That shade was bright, unusual, and delightfully impractical. It also appeared to be a wig.

As for the purple hair, that was likely a temporary shade, because hey! She's Kylie Jenner and she has a glam squad at her well-manicured fingertips. She also has access to all sorts of products and potions that can be washed in and out, without damaging her hair. Jenner also has the ability and the cash to enjoy any sort of post-processing treatments to keep her strands healthy. Plus, she later posted a few more images with her usual jet black shade in a much longer length.

But I dig Jenner and her pitstop at purple hair. The youngest of Kris Jenner's many daughters has always been the most adventurous with her locks, changing texture, shape, length, and color with fearlessness and incredible frequency.

Let's have a look at Kylie Jenner with a purple bob, which is one of her most fun looks as of late.

Purple hair (and snakeskin print skirt set) don't care.

What a teaser shot! It's so mysterious. I am also loving her layers of tangled gold chains.

More purple and in a promotional post.

Jenner rocked anything but mellow yellow strands, as well.

This selfie, from a week ago, looks like her real hair "as is," with those choppy, just-out-of-the-shower, and short waves. Only in Kylie Jenner's world, though, can she blast throw three different colors and length in the space of a single weekend. Get it, girl.