Kylie Just Made Her Hair Look EXACTLY Like Kris Jenner's & OMG

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Hold everything! Just when you thought your first day back from a 3-day weekend was slowing down into the mid-afternoon blues, Kylie Jenner just showed off super short hair. Well, at least what seems to probably be a short Kris Jenner-inspired wig. Regardless, umm can you say "eeeekkk!" This look is banger. While you're grabbing your second (or maybe third) cup of joe, here's the tea.

While Kylie is often known to change her look from wig to wig, it's been a while since she's showed off a system-shocking look like this. Her neon pink hair or Kylie's glow in the dark look from Coachella were high contenders, but this is something so different.

The lip kit mogul took to her Instagram Stories to share two snapshots of her and momager Kris chatting on FaceTime to show off the matching pixie cuts. Kylie is pretty much the spitting image of her mom if anyone was ever confused.

In their video chat, Kylie appears to be mimicking Kris' mannerisms in the screenshot. But don't freak yet — this look swap appears to be a wig or some styling trickery.

Kylie captioned the photo "Obsessed with you @krisjenner" in the Instagram Story. Clearly there's no chance in denying that when you're twinning it with your mom. Not quite my style, but go on girl.

Without a doubt, this hair doing double duty to slay my soul. But besides pairing hair 'dos, Kylie and Kris have basically the same exact face on. No, seriously:

In some sort of Freaky Friday fashion, Kylie sported a very similar makeup look as Kris. She posed with a smoked out brown eye, rosy cheeks, and a barely there lip. Sometimes, one can't peel their eyes off of the Kardashian Khaos.

This isn't the first of Kylie's little beauty schemes with her mom. And far be it from me to call it her last.

Not long ago, Kris took over the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account to promote her Kris Cosmetics line in honor of Mother's Day. Mother/daughter duos like these make for great gifts

Ever since Kris reportedly helped Kylie in the delivery room with Stormi, the two have been closer than ever. I'd say wearing hair like your mom makes you besties for sure.

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In an episode of KUWTK, Kris discussed the entire process of delivering another grandchild. "She did really, really well and she just kept saying 'I don't feel any pain' and you would see these contractions like crazy and she would be 'I am just not feeling it''and I was like 'this is really weird'", Kris said. "She was such a trooper, she really was, she was so calm, it was really exciting."

She continued in excitement. "I delivered the baby. I pulled her out", like having babies in the KarJenner family is an everyday thing. Well, it almost feels like it is.

I don't know about you, but I would risk dressing like my mom for a day. Who knows what internet challenge may come of this Kris and Kylie look-a-like Instagram Story, but surely it'll be one twin challenge I'll be here for.