Karla Souza Reveals What Will Happen To Laurel's Baby On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Season 3 of How To Get Away With Murder was chock full of surprises, not the least of which was the death of beloved character Wes Gibbons. But another twist that fans didn't see coming? The reveal that Laurel, Wes' girlfriend and fellow law student, was pregnant with his child. And as the premiere of Season 4 approaches, fans are hoping that they will soon receive an answer to their burning question — what will happen to Laurel's baby on How To Get Away With Murder?

It's been anything but clear what her decision regarding her child with Wes will be. Since the baby's father is dead, Laurel would be a single mother and a busy law student, a challenge that might not be what Laurel's looking to take on here. But she's also not totally alone— Michaela promised to be there to support her friend no matter what her decision regarding the baby is, and I have a feeling that the Keating Four would not let Laurel struggle alone.

So, it's totally up to Laurel whether she keeps the baby or not. But for fans dying to know the answer right. this. second., there are a few subtle hints that Laurel might be having this baby, even if she ultimately decides to give it up for adoption. The Season 4 promo provides very few concrete clues about the status of Laurel's pregnancy, and in fact doesn't discuss the baby at all. But, if you're as eagle eyed as me, you can see that in the brief shot of Laurel out to dinner with the rest of the Keating Four, she is reaching for a glass of water, while the wine glass next to her plate is empty. The rest of the glasses on the table are filled with red wine. Coincidence? I think not. It seems like Laurel might really be pregnant in Season 4.

Then there's the fact that Karla Souza, who plays Laurel in the show, seems to believe that her character wouldn't decide to get an abortion. In an interview with Variety, Souza shared:

"I personally, Karla would love the baby to stay. I think it’s a really interesting thing to play with a girl who’s in law school who’s gone through all of this and is pregnant and has the financial means [to support a baby]. That storyline would be very juicy. But at the same time, the practicalities of having a baby on a network TV show… that’s impossible, so they’re going to have to deal with it in some way. I personally don’t think that she’ll opt for an abortion. I think it was just a moment of panic and excitement at the gynecologist [in the finale] when she hears the heartbeat. But I’m excited to see what [creator] Pete [Nowalk] and the writers decide. Maybe her father won’t allow it and he’ll have something to do with it. Who knows."

Even though Souza is purposefully vague about Laurel's decision regarding the baby, her opinion that Laurel wouldn't get an abortion seems pretty definitive. And, after all, who is a bigger expert on Laurel's character than the woman who's played her for four seasons? I think it's safe to say that whether or not Laurel decides to keep her child or give it up for adoption, she will be carrying the baby to term.

But as much as fans might be invested in this baby, what Laurel decides to do with her child is totally her decision. After all, it might just be too painful to raise a child conceived with her murdered boyfriend, not to mention all the practical challenges of finishing law school while caring for a newborn. But if she does decide to keep the baby, don't expect Laurel to suddenly be sitting out on all the action. It shouldn't need to be said that new moms can be badass lawyers too— and, you know, help people get away with murder.