LUSH Fans Are Going Crazy Over This Mother's Day Product

LUSH Cosmetics is no stranger to successful holiday campaigns. From their gorgeous Valentine's Day collection to the seasonally popular Lord of Misrule during fall, the brand creates incredible seasonal products. Now, though, LUSH's Scrubee may become permanent and more than just a Mother's Day product — or at least that's what fans are hoping. The adorable, bee-shaped moisturizing exfoliator is so popular that fans are clamoring for it to be made a staple part of the LUSH family, and LUSH Cosmetics may just be listening to fans' pleases over the product.

What makes Scrubee so popular among LUSHies, the commonly used nickname for LUSH addicts (of which I am one)? While there could be many reasons, I have to surmise that it as a lot to do with the fact that Scrubee is just plain adorable. The Scrubee is the shape of a bee and is a yellow and grey hue, plus its name and appearance are too cute to miss, especially for a springtime product. Outside of this, though, the Scrubee is a unique body butter from the brand and its main ingredient is the ultra moisturizing cocoa butter. As for the exfoliant in the bee, it's ground almond and coconut shells that slough away your dead skin.

Basically, it's the best of all worlds, and fans are sincerely distressed that it could be disappearing after mother's day.

Scrubee, $8, Lush

Fans have been incredibly vocal on social media posts about the Scrubee. In an Instagram post to the brand's website, one fan wrote, "When I was told this particular scrubee was exclusive to the Mother's Day line I could have died. I ended up purchasing 10 of these because I'm so obsessed! I have soooo many friends and family that have stocked up for the same reason. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider keeping this product year round!"

The same can be said about the reviews of the product over at the LUSH website. Verified users and LUSHies are praising the product and asking for it to be convert from seasonal to permanent. One user said, "Love this little bee! It is the best moisturizer that I have ever used. Please make Scrubee a permanent item."

As for whether or not LUSH Cosmetics will make the product permanent, a spokesperson for the brand told us to "stay tuned." While that is definitely not a confirmation of permanent status, it's also certainly not a no.

Courtesy of LUSH

If you love LUSH's Scrubee Body Butter, you may be in for some good news about its permanent status. Until it's status is confirmed, though, stay tuned to your local LUSH store and stock up while you can. This adorable little bee is too cute to miss.