Pat McGrath's Dark Star 006 Belongs In Your Beauty Collection

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Pat McGrath Labs

Stop what you’re doing. The most extra terrestrial beauty has come to this planet, and you’re going to want to get your makeup-loving hands on it immediately. Is Pat McGrath’s Dark Star 006 worth it? Folks online are definitely willing to make a purchase.

If you haven’t seen the incredible Dark Star 006 pigment already, then let me fill you in, ASAP. Pat McGrath Labs has created three different eye kits that will take your beauty routine and elevate it to infinity and beyond. The out-of-this-world pigment will deliver a bold, blue eye shadow, the perfect sparkly smoked-out shadow or a neutral look that’s far from average. It all depends on which kit you choose. Two of them are retailing for $130 and the third is coming in a little cheaper at $95.

Each options was still in stock at the time of publication. Now, before you go thinking that $130 is waaay too much to spend on beauty items — consider what you’re getting with this purchase. The bundles contain six-seven products, including a brush, kohl and the pigments necessary to create other-worldly makeup. According to the tweets that are rolling in, the online world is prepared to spend the cash to get this goodness in their cosmetics clutches. Will you follow suit? Just wait and see…

Bold color and a whole lot of sparkle is up for grabs on the Pat McGrath website now.

One look at these swatches and you'll be in love.

These hues have a holographic finish that is next-level as far as eye shadow is concerned.

That's why people online are being persuaded to make a purchase.

130 bucks? Honestly, it's worth it.

Join the club of Dark Star 006 buyers. Your beauty bag will be all the better for it!

You've never needed anything like this before.

Courtesy Pat McGrath Labs

Dark Star 006 in Ultraviolet Blue, $130, Pat McGrath Labs

This blue color is absolutely amazing. But, the best part of all is the clear gloss that'll top off the look. Considering you get seven products for $130, that averages less than $20 per product, and really, that's not a bad deal.

Courtesy Pat McGrath Labs

Dark Star 006 in Ultrasuede Brown, $130, Pat McGrath Labs

The Ultrasuede Brown version in an impeccable neutral shadow set that will deliver something extra special to your everyday routine.

Courtesy Pat McGrath Labs

Dark Star 006 in Dark Matter, $95, Pat McGrath Labs

You've never had a smokey moment like this before.

Feeling pretty emotional right about now? Can't say I blame you!

Get these sets for the most unique beauty experience you've had yet. They're up for grabs on the Pat McGrath website. According to the brand's Instagram, it'll also be available online at Sephora on Apr. 22. No matter how you shop it, trust me, this is one purchase you won't regret.