Pete Davidson Just Got A Tattoo Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Because He Stans An Icon

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When in Hollywood, you get inked. And with every painful stroke of the pen, you won't forget why you got the message ingrained in your skin in the first place. Tattoos like Pete Davidson's Ruth Bader Ginsburg tattoo is one to memorize for the books, because it may just be skin that goes down in herstory.

It's no secret that Davidson will either make you clutch your pearls with laughter or have you reaching for your pitchfork. And throughout his recurring performance on SNL's Weekend Update skit he gives his thoughts on politics that could have anyone doing both. However, he's payed his respects to a more prominent political figure in the form of Ruth Bader Ginsburg—the real one, although one can't knock the humor of Kate Mckinnon dressed as the justice.

In a picture posted by Dave Sirus, a black and white sketch of Ginsburg sits upon Davidson's right shoulder next to what looks like Ior. The photo was captioned "#notoriousRBG #liveforever". Fitting for a character like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This is far from Davidson's last tattoo, as it seems like a new one sprouts on his skin like magic, but this is one tattoo that puts some respect on RBG name.

Not only does the picture show the real RBG, but Davidson customized this tat to look that much cooler with a King's crown atop the political figure's head. If you didn't think she was an icon before, this may be the turning point for her street cred.

The tattoo is only a portrait from the neck up, but it clearly shows her court robes and those memorable round bifocals.

It was pretty clear that Davidson was a true fan after performing a rap kit on SNL that centered all around the justice, entitled RBG since the real Ginsburg had fractured three of her ribs only a week prior.

“You know there’s only like one lady holding the whole damn thing together, right?” Davidson starts in the video. Mckinnon proceeds to walk out in her Ginsburg gettup and dances to the so-called rapper's bars about her.

“Her name RBG and she born in BK; running the Supreme Court, killin’ it since ’33,” Davidson raps. “She went to law school; she was first in her class. If she ever wants to date, I’ll please the court on that ass.”

The humorous skit put a smile on the internet's face since the news of the Supreme Court Justice mentioned she had hurt herself.

It's rarely heard of for celebs to pay this level of respect to other...celebs (if you can really even call her that). But obviously Kate Mckinnon's portrayal of the justice was grand enough for Davidson to hold it so close to his heart. Literally.

Even after all this year's trials and tribulations, even Pete Davidson's back to inking up his easel of skin and making people keel over and die of laughter. Sometimes, all it takes is rap about RBG to put a smile on your face.