This 'Logan' Villain Is An X-Men Staple

There's some fresh trouble brewing in the X-Men cinematic universe, namely in the upcoming Logan. This trouble comes courtesy of the newest baddie to enter the mutant universe, Donald Pierce. While we all know that Logan was adapted from a comic book, was Pierce also in the X-Men comics? It turns out that yes, the villain, played by the ultra-talented Boyd Holbrook, has been a perennial bad guy in the X-Men comics and one of the many villains that Logan has had to square off with in the past.

While Pierce possesses no super powers, he is a cybernetically-enhaced mutant hunter. In the Logan trailer, this quality appears to have become Pierce's driving characteristic because he looks hellbent on capturing X-23, the young girl in Logan's care. Buckle up: Pierce is a man on a mission and will stop at nothing for what he wants.

Per Pierce's entry in the X-Men Wikia, he's basically been anti-X-Men for a majority of his life. He's a strategist and industrialist, which got put to good use when he was a member of the infamous Hellfire Club. In the X-Men universe, the Hellfire Club was a group of wealthy elites who typically carried out wars and assassinations to further their own agenda. With mutants and non-mutants in the Hellfire Club, it has been one of the few grand secret societies that have produced villains to oppose the X-Men.

During his time as a high-ranking member of the Hellfire Club, Pierce battled Logan, who tore off his arm and revealed Pierce to be a cyborg. Vital organs and tissue had been replaced with cybernetic materials, making Pierce a formidable and unusually difficult foe.

From the looks of the Logan trailer, Pierce looks just as sinister and powerful as he appears in the comics. There's no doubt about it: Pierce is going to be just a big a source of bother for Logan in the film as he is in the comics.