The 'Pitch Perfect 3' Trailer Shows It's Time To Bid Farewell To The Bellas

by Mary Kate McGrath

When Pitch Perfect premiered in 2012, the Barden Bellas captured the world's aca-hearts. Turns out a film about an ambitious college women's a cappella group was just what everyone needed, and the film was a surprise hit. Its success paved the way for an equally successful sequel, and in December of 2017, the series will get a third installment. On Saturday, the Pitch Perfect 3 trailer premiered, and the movie will bid farewell to the Bellas, teasing that Pitch Perfect 3 could be the end of the movie franchise. It looks like the film is a final hurrah for the original Pitch Perfect cast, sending the women off with one last world-wide tour.

The trailer catches up with some the characters after graduation: Beca and Amy are trying to get by in New York City, Chloe is going to vet school, and Flo is working at a smoothie stand. It looks like adult life isn't working out quite as the ladies expected, which is, you know, relatable. While catching up over drinks, the ladies reminisce about their college days and wish there was an opportunity to perform together again. That's when Aubrey has a moment of inspiration - the United Service Organization puts together a European tour to support troops, and there might be an opportunity for the Bella's to score an invite. The rest of the group are thrilled to leave behind their humdrum lives, and away they go to see the world.

Pitch Perfect super fans might want to start getting tissues ready now. The trailer makes it clear that this will be the final installment of the Bella's story, but the group isn't going to go away without some final shenanigans. While there's plenty of singing, stages, and matching a cappella costumes, the movie trailer plays like a full out action film. A montage shows Beca skydiving, Amy training police dogs, and the whole group narrowly avoiding an enormous ocean liner explosion.

Don't worry, a cappella lovers - there's sure to be plenty of musical challenges for the Bellas as well. The women find themselves facing off against a talented band, and need to compensate for their lack of instrumental skills. The band - (who have matching names, who can compete with that?) mock the Bellas, calling their singing "karaoke". The issue of originality has come up for the group in the past, and let's not forget that they ended the last movie on a high note by arranging a track by their newest Bella, Emily Junk. There's a good chance that more new songs will be in the works for the tour, so the final Pitch Perfect soundtrack will be a small comfort after the group's final goodbye.

Most of the original cast from the first film will return for this installment, as well as some of the new characters from the sequel. This includes Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Elizabeth Banks. There will be a few exciting additions as well; John Lithgow and DJ Khaled joined the cast but their roles are still unknown, and Ruby Rose will play the lead singer of the Bella's rival band.

The movie isn't hitting theaters until December 22nd, 2017, and the trailer will have you hooked. The Barden Bellas aren't merely going on tour - they are seeing the world in action-packed, dramatic style. It's going to be a tough aca-goodbye, but the series is sure to outdo itself for this last singing send off.