This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Feel Better About Staying In

Psycho Party Planner is coming to Lifetime.

A perfectly crafted party can help to either make or break someone’s special day, but as Lifetime’s new movie Psycho Party Planner proves, you can sometimes find enemies even in the most unexpected of places. In fact, the film will probably make you second guess ever asking for help planning a party ever again, but is this story a work of fiction or is Psycho Party Planner based on a true story? Luckily for all of us out there who enjoy parties (and having other people plan them), this Lifetime original is solely for your own enjoyment and doesn’t reflect any real life events that have taken place.

The film centers around a young art gallery owner and mother named Kayla Anderson, who finds herself swamped with work and in desperate need of helping with planning her daughter Kerry's upcoming Sweet Sixteen birthday celebration. So she does the only logical thing — she hires a party planner, Lindy Shores, in the hopes of ensuring the event will go off without a hitch. But while Kayla's intentions were good, she had no idea of the evil she was letting into her and her daughter's lives. Lindy soon proves herself to be unstable and even went so far as to murder her own husband. Now she has her sights set on Kerry and doing whatever it takes to make her the daughter she never had.

The film stars Lindsey McKeon, Katrina Begin, and Cathryn Dylan in the titular roles and while those names may not sound very familiar, their characters are sure to leave their mark on you once the end credits begin to role. McKeon may be the most recognizable of the bunch, having appeared on popular shows like One Tree Hill as Taylor James and Supernatural as Tessa/The Reaper. Meanwhile, Begin's credits include brief roles in Single Parents, Good Behavior, Devious Maids, Gossip Girl, and No Ordinary Family, while Dylan is best known for her stints on Ray Donovan, Chicago Justice, and Grey's Anatomy.

As for what will become of their characters in Psycho Party Planner remains to be seen, but odds are it'll leave you on the edge of your seat (like only a Lifetime movie could) until the very end. So just sit back, relax, and be grateful that absolutely no part of it is based in reality.