Putty Highlighter Is The Latest Product To Try If You Love A Glow

Makeup is filled with innovation. Whether it's beauty vloggers finding creative ways to blend their makeup of company debuting unique new products, the makeup industry knows how to get creative. Now, putty highlighters are here, and they may just be the latest craze when it comes to getting that gorgeous glow. Since cream, liquid, and powder highlighters are already all the rage, why not add another formula to the mix. Plus, once you see the results from the putty highlighter, you'll be rushing to grab your wallet.

Where does the newest highlighter formulation come from? Stila's Heaven's Hue Highlighter is the putty highlighter in question, and while the brand doesn't specifically call it a putty formula, they're no stranger to the moniker. Stila also has the Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector in their line, so calling the highlight a putty isn't a stretch.

If you're wondering what exactly a putty highlighter looks like, beauty vlogger Laura Lee's latest video is all about the Stila highlight. From the texture to the swatches to the color payoff, she demonstrates just what using a putty highlighter is like, and you won't believe it until you see it. Laura Lee's first impression is basically all of us when we find our new holy grail.

Stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter, $32, Sephora

In the video from Laura Lee, she first shows fans the texture of the highlighter, and it's definitely movable. In fact, at one point, Lee is able to mold the highlighter back into shape after illustrating just how pliable it actually is.

Alongside showcasing the texture, she also swatches the product on the back of her hand. In the swatches, the pigmentation is not great according to Laura Lee.

After showing the product to its fullest with an application, Lee applies it to her face which is free of any other highlight. Once she does, it's clear that the putty formula isn't just unique, it's gorgeous.

Clearly, the swatches didn't do Stila's putty highlighter justice, but you can see that the formula may be the latest craze to hit highlighting fans' shelves. Currently, Stila feature three shades for fans to try, and based on Laura Lee's video, you totally should.

To see Laura Lee try all three shades, check out her latest video, and if you want to shop the Stila putty highlighter for yourself, you can snag it over at the Stila website for $32. With summer around the corner and the highlighting trend as popular as ever, why not give this innovative formula a try?