The Evidence That Selena Gomez Is On Taylor Swift's New Album Is Actually Pretty Convincing

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since Aug. 27 and the release of "Look What You Made Me Do," Taylor Swift has been playing with fans' emotions like no other. It's been a long two-and-a-half months of guessing what's to come and the singer inadvertently continues to keep fans freaking out, even up until the final days before her album reputation drops on Nov. 10. Now, just a few days before the highly anticipated release (which comes three years after her last album), telling evidence has fans convinced that Swift's pal Selena Gomez is on reputation, and honestly, it's hard to ignore.

Here's what happened: Scott Borchetta, the President and CEO of Swift's longtime label Big Machine Label Group, posted a mysterious tweet with Target's commercial promoting reputation. But this wasn't the weird part. In the tweet, Borchetta tagged Big Machine and Selena Gomez. The Selena Gomez. Naturally, fans have been going wild while Borchetta is probably somewhere fearing for his life (or being the sly and knowing mastermind behind the chaos).

But is Gomez actually in the commercial? Doesn't look like it. As pointed out by Refinery29, there is a brunette woman next to Swift around the 23-second mark, but it isn't Gomez. This could lead one to believe that at first glance, Borchetta assumed it was Gomez. But this is not a mixup to be taken lightly. Borchetta knows the rabid fan bases he is dealing with, and such a careless mistake would be inexcusable for an exec like himself.

This led fans to think Borchetta knew exactly was he was doing, as they demanded answers immediately.

Now, there is an outpour of hopeful theories because no clarification has been made.

Beyond the CEO's cryptic tweet, it would be hard to believe a collaboration with Gomez and Swift wouldn't happen at this point. Take reputation's track list, for example. Besides the released singles "...Are You Ready For It?," "Look What You Made Me Do," "Gorgeous," and "Call It What You Want," the rest of the 15 tracks are mysteriously titled "Track 2," "Track 3," etc. on iTunes for the time being with no further information.

Plus, Gomez is basically obsessed with the album. She recently gave her thoughts on reputation to Zane Lowe on Apple Music and she really couldn't contain her excitement. "I obviously love her so much and want her to do what she does and she's killing it," the singer said. "It's everything you would want and more so very proud and obviously a major fan. It's honestly so inspiring."

It's one thing to be supporting her friend, but Gomez's next few comments are suspect as she alludes to being around Swift in the work process and taking inspiration from her. "It's really cool to surround yourself... and be involved with people who are inspiring and changing the way that they dictate what they love — whether that's acting or music — and she's one of those people who continues to do that," Gomez said. Plus, there's video footage of her rocking out to Swift's "Gorgeous."

Is this just a really devoted friend? A devoted collaborator? Or both? Only time will tell.

On the contrary, there is evidence that Gomez won't be on reputation. For instance, a new "secret sessions" video shows Swift playing the album for 500 hand-picked fans a month before the album release, and Gomez is nowhere to be found. Plus, a physical copy of the album includes a track list with a song "End Game" featuring artists Future and Ed Sheeran. But where is Gomez? Sadly, nowhere.

Although, there is a chance that Gomez and Swift really want to make fans explode and surprise them by giving no indication of a collaboration before its release whatsoever. Regardless, hopefully this isn't a case of poorly trained Twitter fingers on Porchetta's part, because Selenators and Swifties will have a hard time recovering if their high hopes lead to disappointment.