Shailene Woodley Got Bangs AND Dyed Her Hair Black & She Looks So Different

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The season of celebrity hair changes is in full swing, and this one might just be the most drastic of them all. As StyleCaster found, Shailene Woodley now has jet black hair and bangs. That's a whole lot different than her usual blonde locks. If her Instagram photo has anything to say about it, she's pretty darn excited about the 'do. There's also a really good reason for the chop.

Woodley is no stranger to change. She's constantly out raising awareness for the environment and people in it. It turns out she loves changes to her hair as well. When it came time for her to chop her hair off for her role in Insurgent and The Fault In Our Stars, it was no big deal. Now that it's time for her second season of Big Little Lies, she's just as committed to a new look.

The actress posted a photos of herself with long, dark locks on social media with the caption, "JANES BACK. #letsdothis #BLL2."

Jane is referring to her character on Big Little Lies and the hashtag #BLL2 refers to the second season. Judging by the second hashtag and the pose in the photo, Woodley seems to be pretty excited about the hair change.

The hair changes didn't stop there though. As StyleCaster found, the actress got even more of a color and cut after the one that she posted in Instagram. The publication notes that Woodley's hair got shorter, the color got darker, and she was also seen with bangs at the Made Up Stories launch dinner in Los Angeles, which is producer Bruna Papandrea's production company.

The look is so drastic, even from the original early-March cut. Woodley's hair is the darkest that it's ever been. Forget brown lock, because these are dark as night. The bangs are also a very different change for the actress. She typically goes for a side-swept bang, if any, so this is a super drastic look.

Spoiler alert: Jane might be getting a makeover in the show as well. There's a good chance that this cut and color happened specifically for the show. Because, you know, the second season is in full swing. Woodley is always dedicated to her on-screen character, so it's no surprise that she's out rocking the look in public.

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This isn't the first time that Shailene Woodley has had black hair. She dyed her hair the deep shade for the premiere of Allegiant in 2016. This is the first time that she's gotten bangs though. Either way, this style is a whole lot different than any cut that fans have seen from her in recent years.

Fans are more shocked than anything to see Woodley's new hair. While some people are obsessed with the drastic change, others don't really know what to say about the style. Of course, there are plenty of other that do have something to say. In an odd twist of beauty events, she's being compared to Taylor Swift, aka the queen of bangs, and even Kylie Jenner.

Apparently all it takes is some black hair dye to look like Jenner. There's about a one percent chance that Woodley went into the salon with a photo of Jenner.

Someone get Woodley on the phone, because we need an answer.

Did Woodley steal Katy Perry's hair? The celebrity comparisons will not end.

Woodley really can do no wrong — even if this is a wig and she's fooling all of her fans.

Of course, you can't please everyone. Some people are into her hair being this dark or choppy.

Regardless of who she looks like, there's no denying that it's a drastic chance.